Business Savings & CDs

Saving is just good business

When you have funds to set aside, you want the best return possible. Let us help you find the right account for your needs.

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Union Money Fund Value Edge Money Market
Minimum opening deposit of $50 Minimum opening deposit of $10,000
Monthly fee of $5; waived with a $1,000 average available balance during the month No monthly fee
Interest is paid on entire balance when daily balance is $2,500 or more. Click here for complete tiered rate information. Interest is paid. Click here for complete tiered rate information.
Free and unlimited checks¹; free use of any UBT ATM; two (2) free non-UBT ATMs per month. A total of six (6) free withdrawals/checks per month¹; $25 per additional withdrawal.
e-Statements are free and encouraged; not required.

¹Union Money Fund and Value Edge Money Market accounts have transfer and withdrawal limitations, see account disclosure for additional information.

Certificates of Deposit

Set it aside and watch it grow

Maximize your earnings securely and on your own time frame with a CD from UBT. You can choose how long you’d like to invest, how much, and how your interest is paid.

  • Terms range from 3 months to 5 years
  • Funds are accessible, but early withdrawals may be penalized
  • Higher opening deposits typically earn higher interest rates
  • Interest can be paid quarterly or at maturity

CDARS Program

Make large cash deposits quickly and confidentially

If your business has more than $250,000 to invest and you want it insured under the FDIC, CDARS (the Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service) can help.

  • Make a large deposit quickly and confidentially through UBT
  • Enjoy full FDIC insurance, up to $30 million
  • Work directly with UBT as your one trusted contact for your investments


Sweep Services

Maximize your money’s earning potential

Sweep services from UBT are a great way to move money into your higher-earning accounts automatically. Simply work with us to set a target balance for your account; then, at the end of each business day, our service “sweeps” the account for excess funds and ensures that money is invested or used to pay down debt.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I complete an internal loan payment through Business Banking Online?

Yes. Based on your requested access, you may make a payment to your UBT loan from any of your UBT funded accounts via the transfer options through Business Banking Online.

I received my token for Business Banking Online, how do I enable it?
  • Login to BBO using existing username and password 
  • Select the Enable Token option within Account Services 
  • Complete the online token enablement form and submit 

Going forward, you will utilize your token in conjunction of your original password.


I am locked out of Business Banking Online, what should I do?

Contact our Customer Support Team directly. Once you have successfully verified your identity,  the team can help you get your account unlocked and provide password reset assistance if needed. 

What should I do to view all my accounts on the BBO home page?

The Favorite Account section on the home page defaults to display your favorite accounts. It’s easy to modify this. Simply click the ‘Edit’ button and select all accounts you would like displayed in the Favorite Accounts pane.

How do you access Business Bill Pay?

Existing Business Bill Pay users can access Bill Pay by clicking on Bill Payments under the Management Tools option.

How can I review and approve transfers using dual control?

Transfers can be reviewed and approved by clicking on the Review tab within the Transactions section on the Overview page or by clicking on the Review tab on the main menu.

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