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Jun Kaneko & KANEKO

September 18, 2014

Community Commitment

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Limited Edition Designer Debt Card

Joel Sartore, Jun Kaneko, and Michael Forsberg’s art is being used for Limited Edition Designer Debit Cards. You can select a true original and make a $10 donation to the preselected charity of the artist who designed the card. Jun Kaneko’s three debit cards feature work from his ceramic series ‘heads.’

Kaneko working on HEADAbout Jun

Since he was young, Jun Kaneko was interested in art. Born in Nagoya, Japan, in 1942, he would work in his studio during the day and attend school in the evenings.  In 1963 he came to the US to continue his studies and pursue his passion. During this time he trained and studied with several professionals including: Peter Voulkos, Paul Soldner, and Jerry Rothman during what is now considered to be the contemporary ceramics movement of America.

Since then he has taught at several leading art schools including Rhode Island School of Design and Cranbrook Academy of Art. He then settled in Omaha in 1986. Jun Kaneko has created drawings, paintings, ceramic sculptures, bronze sculptures, glass sculptures, and textile works of art. His artwork is held by more than seventy museum collections. He has completed over 50 works of commissioned art including works for the Boston Aquarium, the University of Connecticut, Mashima Sports Arena in Osaka Japan, the International Finance Center in Shanghai, China, and this year his glass tower, Ascent, has been installed permanently in Lincoln at 13th & P.  Jun and his wife Ree, give to the community through the creation of their non-profit KANEKO.


Founded in 1998, KANEKO is headquartered in three warehouses in the Old Market district of Omaha.  The organization is focused on exploring and encouraging the process of creativity, and how it impacts our lives. KANEKO brings together people from all disciplines and walks of life by providing public exhibitions, lectures, and cultural events that feature artists, philosophers, entrepreneurs and scientists – turning an increasingly diverse and vibrant Omaha into a hub for creative exploration and discovery. Big Omaha, the area’s largest innovation and entrepreneurial conference, is held at KANEKO each May.

KANEKO’s Mission:

Creativity begins with an idea – seeing things differently.
Our purpose is exploring the creative process – how a new idea is born into the arts, sciences, and philosophy.
There is no restriction for creative activity.
Imagination has complete freedom.
Supporting and promoting freedom in creativity is KANEKO’s mission.

Kaneko HEads featured on a Limited Edition Debit CardHow You Can Help

Jun gives to the community with his creation of KANEKO.  Through it he allows people to use their creativity to its fullest potential. Jun has partnered with Union Bank to showcase some of his art through Union Bank’s Limited Edition Designer Debit Card program.  For a $10 donation to the KANEKO organization through Union Bank, you can have a debit card featuring some of Jun’s most-loved work.

Looking for more ways to help? Attending events hosted by KANEKO is a great way to start. View KANEKO Events.

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