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Giving Hope to Little Hearts

Jennifer Schnieders,

December 29, 2016

Community Commitment


"On November 11, 2014 at 5:50 p.m. our lives changed forever as we held our daughter Adelyn why she took her last breath. This was a very dark, difficult, and trying time for our family. During this time we leaned on our faith to give us strength and to help us understand "why". Through power of prayer we were guided to honor Adelyn by starting The Love Adelyn Foundation and this July we became an official non-profit as a 501(c)3 corporation.  

Our mission behind Love Adelyn is simple, it is to give hope to little hearts. We want to be a simple reminder to the sick child who is in the hospital battling cancer why his friends play baseball, to the parent spending day 302 at the hospital with their heart kiddo, or to the scared sibling visiting their sick sister who just last week was playing Barbies with her that they are not alone. Our mission is to bring one second or five minutes of hope to their day.  Adelyn taught our family so much in the twenty days she was with us, she taught us how to love and how to live and because of her we are giving hope to little hearts one act of kindness at a time!" –Erin & Brian Rea

Union Bank's Community Involvement Committee is highlighting The Love Adelyn Foundation and the founders, The Rea family. 

After learning early on in their pregnancy that their daughter, Adelyn, would be born with a heart defect the Rea's already knew their little angel would be in for a fight.  Adelyn was born on October 22, 2014 and during those first days it was found that she had several other defects, some minor and some major.  Over the next 20 days little Miss Adelyn proved to be a fighter making it through heart surgery at just 5 days old.  The surgeries appeared to be successful however on November 8th Adelyn had to be placed back on the ventilator.  At 5:50 p.m. on November 11th Adelyn was able to let go of the pain and find peace in the loving arms of her family.  Love Adelyn was founded in memory of their daughter by Erin and Brian Rea after Adelyn earned her wings that day.  Even though Adelyn was only with them for a short time she impacted their lives forever by teaching them what it means to fight, love, and live.  The Rea's took a tragic experience no parent should have to endure and changed it into an amazing opportunity to brighten the day of others who are experiencing their same situation. 

Over the past two years Love Adelyn has been able to accomplish such amazing things in honor of Adelyn Rea.  Since that time they have donated almost 1000 children's books to various hospitals, 100 patient packets were created and donated to Children's Hospital (2015), 19 mom's received massages celebrating Mother's Day with their Massage for Mother's Event (2015) and even more this past year, 15 dozen donuts were delivered to the entire hospital celebrating Father's Day for their Donuts for Dads event (2016), and close to 600 blankets have been donated.  They also were able to put together the Adelyn Rea Memorial Scholarship fund that was awarded for the first time this past year to a high school senior from Raymond Central High School.  This is only a small list of the amazing things Love Adelyn and the Rea's have been doing in the past 2 years since the passing of their daughter and sister. 

The Rea Family is truly an inspiration to us all in their courage to overcome tragedy and turn it into something positive.  They consistently live out their mission of "Giving Hope" to not only "little hearts", but to everyone around them through the love and strength they receive from their daughter, Adelyn.

How you can help:

*Books for Birthdays – donate new books that will be given to children in our community

*Make or provide new blankets to donate to the various hospitals for the children that have to be there

*Monetary donations to help them fund their activity packets to Children's Hospital and for their Adelyn Rea Memorial Scholarship 

Go online to to view additional information about the all amazing things the Rea Family has done in honor of their daughter these past two years and how you can help support this non-profit.  You will gain a much better understanding of how they are giving hope to little hearts.

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