Patient Financing for Health Care

Making it easier for your patients to pay

Union Bank’s Patient Financing programs help you offer flexible repayment plans to your patients. They get an affordable payment plan, and you get paid quickly. That’s a true win-win.

Patient Account Financing

Here’s how it works

When a patient receives a bill from your health care facility, they can turn to UBT for a repayment plan. We’ll issue a loan in the amount of the bill to the patient. Your facility gets paid immediately, improving your cash flow, and your patient has a long-term loan with regular, fixed payments that they can manage.

The Provider Experience

Happier, more loyal patients

Offering your patients a flexible repayment plan eases the burden of paying for health care costs.

Improved account resolution

Getting paid quickly boosts cash flow and saves staff time and effort

Reports & analytics

Monthly data will keep you in the know about Patient Account Financing performance

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The Patient Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages to my patients?

A patient account financing program helps your patients in the following ways: 

  • Manageable monthly payments
  • Patients able to add to their existing loan
  • Every patient is treated with a high level of respect and integrity
What patient account financing reports are available to us?

On a monthly basis you will receive:

  • Outstanding volume summary report 
  • Account-level information on new loans and repurchases sent daily
  • Analysis on the YTD repurchases and delinquent accounts
How can a patient account financing program improve our cash flow?

There are several components that will save your staff time and effort:

  • Immediate account resolution via ACH
  • Decrease A/R days and bad debt
  • Eliminate additional expense of collecting accounts in-house

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