Union Equipment Finance

Customized solutions that make it easy to acquire equipment

Equipment finance provides you with the flexibility to quickly adjust to business growth and change.

Customized Leasing & Financing Solutions

Professional, flexible, and innovative

Any company can offer you a generic lease or loan from a standard menu. Our equipment financing experts (like Brian) will dig deeper to fully understand your needs and pain points. The team’s understanding of tax, accounting, and cash planning issues helps us structure the right financing for you.

Benefits of leasing equipment

Conserve capital and cash flow

Lease residuals and leasing company tax benefits can lower your payments compared to what you'd be paying with conventional financing.

Minimize taxes

Fixed lease payments provide a predictable and continuing deduction, keeping your income tax expense low throughout the lease.

Payments that fit

The right lease can adjust your payments to fit your business seasons or cycles, meaning your payments are more manageable.

Reduce your down payment

Most leases require minimal down payments, saving you money conserving your cash for other business uses and needs..

Extensive Industry Experience

Many types of equipment in many types of industries

  • Distribution
  • Agribusiness
  • Transportation
  • Machine tools & manufacturing
  • Food processing
  • Packaging & plastics
  • Construction
  • Medical, fire, & emergency
  • Printing
  • Technology & phone systems
  • Office

Loan products subject to credit approval.