The Five Principles of Financial Wellness

Building your financial foundation, one brick at a time

At UBT, our concern for you goes far beyond making sure you’re in the right type of account. We want to help you achieve financial well-being that allows you to manage your economic obligations, reduce money-related stress, and plan confidently for your fiscal future. Read on for more about the Five Principles of Financial Wellness, our financial education series designed to meet you where you are — so you can get where you want to be.

1. Money Foundation

The first principle of financial wellness is understanding the basics of money management as the foundation on which you’ll build your success. In this guide, we cover everything from budgeting and debt management to understanding your overall financial wellness.

    2. Be Prepared

    Once you’ve built a money management foundation, it’s important to start saving for the unexpected to ensure you are prepared. Here, we’ll help you understand your savings goals as you determine what options are best for you.

      3. Fund Your Dreams

      At some point as you continue on your financial journey, you’ll be wanting or needing to make some larger purchases, like a house, a car, or something more. Here, we’ll discuss how to save for and fund larger purchases as well as the types of loans you might want to consider to help you get there.

        4. Financial Planning

        When it comes to financial planning, it’s never too early — or too late — to start. But as you’re preparing for your future, you’ll need to take several factors into account. Read on for some best tips on starting your plan, adjusting that plan, and what accounts you might need to get started.

          5. Planning for the Future

          So far in this series, you’ve learned a lot about managing your money at different phases of life, from building your financial foundation to planning for retirement. But what about after you’re gone? In this last section, we’re talking about the importance of estate planning, establishing a will, and how to ensure your loved ones are cared for.