5 great tools for receiving payments

We’ll make it easy for your business to collect quickly and efficiently.

June 09, 2021
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Financial services such as accounts receivable management can consume a great deal of time, not to mention payroll. At UBT, we know that maximizing efficiencies is the key to saving you valuable time and resources so you can focus on what’s important — growing your business. Our expert professionals can help optimize your accounts receivable process, making the financial operations of your business run smoothly. The Treasury Management suite of business products offers multiple ways to receive funds securely and efficiently. You choose the ways that work for your organization.

Deposit checks from your office...

Desktop Teller allows you to improve cash flow while gaining efficiencies and reducing costs by depositing checks straight from your business. No trips to the bank, disruption to your staff, or courier costs — just a smart and secure system designed to make deposits a non-event.

...or your phone

Mobile deposit saves you a trip to the bank by offering yet another way to deposit business checks — from anywhere — on your mobile device. While you’re at it, it’s easy to check your balance, review recent transactions, and more. If you have access to Business Banking Online, download the app and log in to get started.

Get paid quickly, digitally

ACH services enable your business to receive payments and consolidate accounts and funds digitally. By using ACH (automated clearing house) to collect from businesses and clients, you can greatly reduce — or even eliminate — the expense of billing, decrease time spent monitoring accounts, and simplify the cashflow process.

Process plastic payments

Merchant card services allow you to easily accept payments from your customers through your company website, payment terminal, or on the go with your mobile device. With our supporting metrics, you can gain insights from your payment data to help better understand your customers.

Let us do the work

Lockbox services quickly, efficiently, and accurately collect and process your customer payments for you and hold them in a secure location. That translates into timely and accurate reports, as well as maximized funds availability for your business.

Down to the wire

Wire services are also available. Ask your Treasury Management Representative for more information. And check the progress of your wire transfer using UBT Business Banking Online or the UBT Business mobile app.

Get the right services for you

UBT wants your business to have the edge in today’s highly competitive corporate world, and that starts with optimal utilization of all available resources. To learn more about how we can play a key role in leading your business toward sustainable growth, contact us or call UBT Treasury Management at 402.323.1557.

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