Announcing UBT’s own Financial Literacy program

We’re partnering with community nonprofits to help provide solid financial foundations through education.

August 05, 2020

Let the learning begin! UBT’s Financial Literacy program is now offering a customized financial learning experience brought to you via Zoom or traditional classroom setting.

The focus of the Financial Literacy program is to be more intentional with financial learning for youth, young adults, and adults as they focus — or refocus — on finding success in their financial journey.

What we’ve found is that foundational financial learning is lacking. And although there are resources everywhere, and a quick internet search will bring millions of references, it’s not often you’re able to receive hands-on learning from a bank.

The UBT Financial Literacy program is designed to serve nonprofit organizations within Lincoln, Nebraska. For many in the Lincoln area, basic money management foundations do not exist. Financial skills may not be taught at home, and they haven’t always been addressed in the schools. There is simply an absence of knowledge when it comes to money, and the Financial Literacy program is here to bridge that gap in our community.

More than 40 educational topics are available, including such essential subjects as Banking 101, Budgeting, Renting vs. Buying, Types of Loans, Fraud and Scams, Paying Down Debt, How to Buy a Home, and Establishing Credit.

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