Harley Kessler & Family

Magic Moments

December 10, 2018
Harley Kessler

Harley, a Junior at NorthStar High School, lives and breathes wrestling. His biggest worry for the year was preparing for his ACTs. As a straight ‘A’ student, he dreamed of attending college at UNL, where he would pursue his teaching degree.

Staying Positive

A few months ago, Harley began experiencing bad leg pain; a bone scan revealed a mass in his tibia. Eventually, doctor’s diagnosed Harley with Osteosarcoma; cancer that originates in the bones. Further testing determined that the cancer had also spread to Harley's lungs. Harley has is undergoing Chemo treatments, but has run into a few complications along the way, including breaking his leg. The cancer in Harley's lungs is inoperable but with the help of chemo treatments, the tumor is beginning to shrink. Unfortunately the tumor in Harley’s leg has not responded to the chemo treatments, and doctors recently informed Harley and his parents that his leg will need to be amputated. At only 16, Harley has endured many obstacles in just a short span of time; his determination, positive outlook and perseverance is why Union Bank wanted to provide Harley with a Magic Moment.

Gifts & Experiences

Wrestling is Harley’s passion, and he will soon attend a UNL wrestling match where he will serve as a Guest Coach. He also enjoys working with Photoshop programs, and will continue to expand his creativity using his new MacBook. Areianna 18, is Harley's older sister; not only is she is a full-time student, but she is also working 40 hours a week. With all these long days, she will enjoy being pampered at Tranquility Spa and Salon. Along with relaxation, Areianna, will also enjoy a Senior Photo Session; sure, to capture her amazing spirit! As a family, they will enjoy a night on the town at the Dynasty Combat Sporting event held at Pinnacle Bank Arena, as well as movie passes to local theaters. To ensure they arrive to their events on time and to cover travel expenses, the family was also provided with Super C gas gift cards.

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