Is it time to try BillPay?

March 31, 2021
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For most of us, paying bills online isn’t a new concept. Maybe you visit your wireless provider’s website to pay your phone bill each month, or maybe you worked with your car insurance provider to auto-pay your premiums. Chances are these transactions are so commonplace that you don’t think about them much at all — they’re just handled. But what about the rest of your obligations, the ones you spend time writing checks or otherwise planning for? There are many reasons to move to a centralized bill pay system, like our BillPay payment center within UBTgo; to that end, we’ve rounded up just a few of the best things you can do with BillPay.

Get organized. The beauty of BillPay is that you can easily organize all your bills in one place and pay them when they’re due. If you’re spinning several payment plates — rent or a mortgage payment, insurance, utility bills, phone bills, credit card payments, and more — online BillPay can save a ton of time (not to mention a roll of stamps) and help you avoid late fees. You can even group similar payments, such as regular household expenses, into a folder for easy tracking and accounting.

Go green. Do the planet a favor and ditch the paper. When you set up payments in BillPay, you’ll receive updates via email when you receive a bill, or when it's due.

Centralize your payments. This convenient and secure method allows you to manage your payments to various companies all in one place. There’s no need to pay the phone bill on one website, then write a check to pay the mortgage (or even the babysitter!) when you could do it from UBTgo or the UBTgo mobile app. For those recurring obligations whose amounts are the same each month, you can set it and forget it with automatic payments.

Keep it safe and secure. The same encryption and technology that keeps your personal and financial information secure online extends to BillPay, too. Experts agree that it’s more secure than paper checks, and by only putting your information on our website (as opposed to going to many sites to pay your bills), you are minimizing risk.

Make easy transfers. If you have accounts at more than one bank, you can easily and securely transfer between them. No deposit slips or bank trips; a couple clicks, and you’re back to your busy life!

Do seamless research. Need proof of a paid bill? Bill payment history makes it easy to find and access payments and transfers. Not finding what you’re looking for? Reach out through our secure messaging center.

Facilitate speedy sending from anywhere. No need to factor in time for snail mail. Payments can often be received in as little as one business day, or you can expedite payments to make sure they go through as fast as possible. Easily make payments from wherever you are — to anywhere in the U.S.

To recap, UBT’s BillPay payment center is a fast, easy, and secure way to pay anyone in the U.S. (large bills, small bills, corporations, individuals) and transfer between accounts at different banks — from anywhere, whenever it’s convenient.

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