Recent updates to the UBTgo app

March 15, 2022
Someone using the UBTgo app on their phone

Our goal is always to make managing your money easier, and one way we do it is by updating and adding new features to the UBTgo app. Here are all the cool features and upgrades we’ve added so far this year:


March 2022 updates

Mobile BillPay enhancements: BillPay will automatically default to the last account you selected when posting a payment transaction. We hope this leads to payments being pulled from the correct accounts.

Check search streamlining: You no longer need to include the # sign before the check number to return valid search results when trying to track down a check.

Hide and order your accounts: For those customers on multiple accounts, you can now put all your accounts in whatever order suits your banking preferences. You also have the option of hiding accounts you don’t want to appear in the mobile app.

Self-service unlocking: Just like on the desktop app, you can now unlock your accounts via the mobile app.


February 2022 updates

Passcode feature: When using UBTgo, you’ll now be able to specify a six-digit passcode to speed up the login process. This can be used in place of the current biometric options.

View password on login page: You now have the option to see your passwords on the login screen.

Access full account number and routing number: Check out the Account Details pop-up page in the mobile app to access your full account number and UBT’s routing number more easily.


The newest release is now available to download via Apple’s App Store® or Google Play, and we hope you enjoy these improvements. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. After all, at UBT, your money has people — real people who really care about helping you make the most of the tools in your toolbox.

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