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July 16, 2019
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If you're looking for a bank that provides a complete range of products and services for families and businesses — and backs it up with exceptional customer service — you're in the right place. But rather than tell you about it ourselves, we thought we'd share some of the comments we've received from our customers.

Here are some of our favorites from the past few months:

“Katie and Jena are such a delight to work with. I wish I had them at my business working for me!”

—  Thanks! We intend to keep them here at UBT.


Lasting relationships are hard to find, and banking is no different. But UBT customers stay with us for a long time, and they tell others about it, too.

“I’ve been with UBT for 35 years and have referred a lot of folks to you because it is a trusted, financially strong organization. THANK YOU for the partnership.”

—  No, sir, thank you!


“We are 40+ year customers. The best experience has been with Joseph at your Normal branch. We’ve faced difficult and important financial decisions with the loss of our parents. His knowledge, patience and kindness helped us thru the multitude of financial affairs.”

“I’ve been a customer since the early ‘80s and I LOVE UNION BANK. Everyone is personable and not pushy.”

“Thanks to Ellen for assisting me on the phone. Every time I call Union Bank, without exception, everyone is so willing to help. My parents, sisters and I are long-time customers and appreciate the service. We would never think of changing banks.”


Great service doesn’t just happen in person. We handle hundreds of chats every month, too!

“I spoke with Connor on live chat. He was VERY helpful and answered all my questions about opening a business account. I wanted to thank UBT for the live chat availability on a Saturday and compliment Connor’s customer service ability, especially online. This is why I continue to bank with you guys!”

—  :-) :-)


Perhaps most importantly, our customers see that UBT has real people who really care. We treat people with kindness and respect, and it sets UBT apart.

“I tried banking in a nearby town. I was mistreated so badly that on my way home I had to pull over. I have never been so hurt and humiliated. I truly believe it was because of the color of my skin or the way I talked. When I came to your bank, the gal that helped me open an account was so kind and helpful. She actually thanked me for picking your bank. I left there feeling better and well taken care of. Thank you for your kindness. Not only did you open up an account for me but you helped me mend something inside of my broken and hurting heart. I am grateful for Union Bank and Trust…Thank you!”

“Your customer service is appreciated and goes far beyond what most banks offer these days.”

“George was delightful and nothing but helpful with my situation. It’s not every day that you get such great customer service.”

“Thank you so much for all of your help. You made a difficult task easier because of your caring heart. Once again, thank you to Mary Jo.”

“Thanks for being the special, caring person you are and always handling your customers so well. This client adores you and had nothing but great things to say about you.”

“I’ve been in the Customer Service field for over 30 years and I haven’t received exceptional service like this in a very long time. Jacob was courteous, helpful and took the time to listen and understand what I needed. He is a keeper!”

“Danni and Jackie in Fairbury took very good care of me and explained everything when opening a checking and savings account. It was a breath of fresh air to see customer service at its finest. I’ve been in the customer service industry for 32 years and I like to recognize great customer service when I experience it as this doesn’t happen very often. The Fairbury branch “gets it” and you should be proud they represent your company.”


Some customers serve as agents for our employees:

“Vicky, you are a champion. Thanks for calling and answering my questions. Tell your boss I said, ‘give you a raise!’”

—  This sure won’t hurt Vicky’s chances.


“Terry was THE BEST person I have worked with through this process as he was empathetic, patient and truly a Rockstar. Never let Terry leave the bank.”

—  He’s been detained.

"If you want to have a successful business, you have to be true to your values. The values we live by at Union Bank are: we care about our customers, we care about each other, and we care about the community. Those three attributes are the key."

~ Angie Muhleisen, President & CEO


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