Tune Up Your Indoor Workouts

January 23, 2023

Stay Active Whatever the Weather

Featuring Sam Dolezal, EdD, MS, MSE, CSCS — Wellbeing Officer at Union Bank & Trust

We know you don’t want to let winter weather stand between you and optimal health, so we asked our wellness pro to show us some safe alternatives to an outside stroll or trip to the gym. Whether you’re looking to optimize your existing indoor workout or set up a new routine, we know you’ll find this segment beneficial.

In this video, we learn what makes up an effective and challenging workout, complete with stretching and a cool-down. In this inspiring session, we cover such important topics as the “whys” and “whats” of workouts, equipment, preparing your space, making safety a priority, and what to do when your workout is no longer a challenge.

About our presenter:
Sam Dolezal is the Wellbeing Officer at Union Bank & Trust, acting as the company go-to for all things health and wellness. While her responsibility is ensuring a healthy workplace, she gets to fulfill her passion of supporting others on their journey to a healthier tomorrow. With a doctoral degree in Healthcare Education and a background in exercise science and community health, Sam draws on all her education and experience to help others live their very best lives. As passionate about her community as she is about fitness, Sam volunteers for the Lincoln Marathon and is a member of the Tobacco Free Lancaster County Task Force.

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