Magic Moments

Another year creating holiday magic

Magic Moments wrapped up its 21st year of spreading good cheer, and we enjoyed honoring another 10 individuals or families from Lancaster County! Read on to find out who was selected to receive a little extra magic for their holiday season.

Sara Nicholson has three wonderful children: Tia, Will, and Jemma. Earlier this year, Sara's husband, Rob passed away from stage 4 lung cancer just six weeks after being diagnosed. The family is still reeling from the loss and trying to figure out their new normal. While it hurts now, Sara knows they'll make it through with time — and the love from family. 

Together with our amazing partners, UBT set out to make the holidays a bit brighter for the Nicholson crew.


The Williams Family

Shannon Williams' life is centered around her two children, Victoria and Malachi. Unfortunately, Shannon's husband passed away unexpectedly due to Lupus complications. In her time of grief, she turned to her mom for support — but a year after her husband's passing, the unthinkable happened: Shannon's mom Diana also unexpectedly passed away. 

Shannon has faced hardship after hardship but continues to put her children first. As long as they're loved, she's OK. UBT and our partners agreed Shannon and her family could use some extra joy this holiday season. 

Ameil's Family

Ameil has six incredible kiddos who she works hard to support, putting in an impossible number of hours with her job as a CNA at a Bryan family practice, and she truly embodies the Bryan team's core values: "care like crazy" and "smile, go the extra mile." Ameil has had some big items break down recently and is having trouble replacing them while continuing to provide for her children.

Ameil was selected for Magic Moments because of her dedication to others despite facing financial hardship. UBT, along with our generous partners, went on a mission to help Ameil and her kids feel special, too!


The Meyer Family

Kayla and Cole Meyer had, by all accounts, a great life until Christmas Day 2022, when the unthinkable happened. Cole went into cardiac arrest, suffered a seizure, and then spent seemingly endless months in a coma. His dedicated wife Kayla found her world upside down trying to take care of her two small daughters and be with Cole in the hospital. But if you ask Kayla, she'll tell you life is still beautiful — and she really means it.

Slowly but surely over the last year, Cole has been working through his recovery, including learning how to walk and talk again. The family has taken a few other hits this year (including a lightning strike to their house!) but Kayla's positive attitude has stayed strong despite the circumstances. UBT and our partners worked together to ensure their memories of Christmas this year are filled with joy while making memories together as a family. 

Rita McClure

Anyone who knows Rita McClure knows that if you need her, Rita shows up. She retired from Lincoln Public Schools as a school nurse, but there’s a nursing shortage and LPS is feeling it, so Rita continues to sub, taking as many shifts as she can. In addition to working a nearly full work week, Rita volunteers at FoodNet of Lincoln. 

Rita was nominated by her daughter Laura Huggins as well as her granddaughter Emily Castner and chosen because of her dedication to her family and her community. UBT’s Magic Moments team thought it was time for this incredible lady who pours so much love into helping others to receive a little holiday love herself! 

The Leibhart Family

The Leibhart Family

Liz is a retired nurse who found joy in helping others. She's also the guardian for her three teenage grandchildren. Now, Liz is the patient needing some help while battling rheumatoid arthritis. Having RA makes it difficult for Liz to work, which in turn makes it hard to support all the needs of her teenagers. Liz may be tight financially, but love is free, and she has more than enough for her family — ask anyone who knows her!

UBT and the Magic Moments team, together with our amazing partners, set out to show this dedicated retired nurse and her family some holiday love.

The Combs Family

Michael and Courtnee were living a very normal life with their children, Fox and Luna. Last summer, seemingly in an instant, their world changed as their little Luna became very sick. She was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, a rare type of liver cancer that affects fewer than one in a million children. Her team of doctors came to the conclusion that a liver transplant was her best option.

In October 2022, Luna underwent her liver transplant surgery. Unfortunately, it was later discovered she has Post Transplant Lymphoproliferative Disorder (PTLD), a complication of her anti-rejection medicine, and that meant more chemo, more tubes, and more time away from home. One year later in October of this year, the Combs family received the wonderful news that Luna is in remission! UBT and our partners wanted to give the Combs some extra joy this holiday season.


Jamie Speth and Family

Jamie is a devoted single mom to three wonderful children, Jordan (13), Carson (9), and Harper (4). In 2022, Jamie was diagnosed with cervical cancer setting her up for a tough fight. She knocked the cancer out in the first round but unfortunately it came back bigger than before by metastasizing in her lungs and bloodstream. Yet she keeps fighting. Jamie is working hard to create positive family memories and experiences while also creating teal and white charm bracelets and amazing uplifting paintings to raise awareness for cervical cancer.

UBT was touched by Jamie’s indomitable spirit as well, and together with our amazing partners, we set out to make some holiday magic happen for Jamie and her family.

The Benes Family

Brent and Megan Benes are proud parents to two boys, 3-year-old Asher and 8-month-old Cruz. Sweet little Cruz threw the family a curveball. He was born positive for CMV (Cytomegalovirus), the #1 birth defect in newborn children, resulting in low birth weight, small head, calcification of the brain, loss of hearing, poor eyesight, and other physical/mental disabilities. He's already had four surgeries in his short life.

Brent and Megan received a crash course in CMV and how to best take care of their new baby. While learning their new normal, Brent lost his job — which has a silver lining in that he is now able to be Cruz' full time caregiver. Unfortunately, that came with a significant financial impact, making this holiday season hard for the family.

Lindbeck family social

The Lindbeck Family

Jessica Lindbeck was recently diagnosed with a glioblastoma, an inoperable tumor in her brain. She started treatments after Thanksgiving and the family is hoping for survival past five years. Jessica, her husband Ryan, and their 14-year-old Eve enjoy spending as much time together as possible, whether it's attending church, cooking a big breakfast, or enjoying Disney movies. Jessica hopes treatments will keep her symptoms minimal so she can experience a good quality of life with few side effects. UBT and our amazing partners wanted to celebrate those giving hearts by making some holiday magic for the Lindbeck family. 

21 Years of Magic Moments

The magic is shared by everyone involved

Magic Moments is a moving experience for our amazing recipients as well as our employees. They’ve touched our hearts more than they could ever know. Hear from some past honorees and UBT employees about the impact their Magic Moments have had on them and their loved ones.

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