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Our Login Box Has Changed

We have updated the homepage login box to provide you easy access to login to all of your personal UBT accounts, including: Health Benefits, Employer Sponsored Retirement, Managed Investment and Personal Trust Accounts. Choose the account you would like to login to from the drop-down box.

What’s New

  1. 1. A new drop-down box with more options. Instead of the “Personal” and “Business” radio buttons, there will be a drop down menu to allow additional logins to be featured in this box. Business Banking Online customers will select “Business Banking Online” from the drop down instead of clicking the radio button. In addition to UBTgo Personal Online Banking and Business Banking Online, customers can now select these other retail-facing portals:
    • Health Benefits HSA & FSA
    • Personal Credit Cards
    • Employer Sponsored 401k & 403b Retirement Accounts
    • Wealth Management Investment & Trust Accounts
  2. 2. Another spot to login.We are adding an additional login box in the top right corner to make the login easier to find, no matter where you are on the site.

  3. 3. We are transitioning from calling Access ID to Username. TOmato, toMAto. It's the same thing, but most customers already refer to their Access ID as the Username so we are making this change to align with your expectations.

What’s the Same

  1. 1. UBTgo Personal Online Banking is still the default selection. If all you ever us is UBTgo personal online banking, you won't be impacted at all.

  2. 2. No other access points are going away. None of your current bookmarks are affected. If you're more used to logging into, that's ok too!