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Activating your debit card only takes a minute from your phone. Need a replacement card? Get one in minutes at any branch.

Change the way you pay with a mobile wallet
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Apple Pay®

Out and about with your iPhone? Search for your the Apple Pay® app on your phone and load your UBT card. 

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Your credit or debit card can go wherever your Samsung goes. Load your UBT card into your phone's mobile wallet. 

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Most Android phones are compatible with Google Pay™. Download the app and load your UBT card.

Personalize Your Debit Card

Get a debit card with an image you love

See someone — or something — you love, every time you use your card. Log into UBTgo online banking and create your own custom card for just $10. 

Your customized card

Visa® Gold Card

Carry the Gold Card

Union Bank’s Visa Gold debit card offers all the conveniences of a regular debit card, with the added benefit of higher daily spending limits. You’ll qualify for the card when your total deposits at Union Bank are $10,000 or higher. Relationship Advantage customers automatically qualify.

Designer Debit Cards

Show your style every time you use your card

Who says your debit card has to be boring? Choose from more than 50 designs featuring animals, sports, fashion, travel, and more! Check out the gallery below or visit a branch to have a Designer Debit Card issued to you today. Upgrading to a Designer Debit Card is just $5.

Debit Card Controls

We make it easy to protect your account

  • Block and unblock your card if it goes missing
  • Set up real-time card alerts for transactions on your card
  • Restrict transactions for certain types of purchases
  • Place location controls on in-person purchases
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a debit card that takes the place of writing a check?

Yes, Union Bank offers a Visa Debit Card. The Visa Debit Card allows you to make purchases and get cash from any ATM that accepts Visa. You are also able to make deposits at UBT ATMs that are enabled for deposits.

  • There is no monthly or annual card fee.
  • Every transaction is fully detailed on your monthly account statement.
  • There is no fee for transactions at Union Bank ATMs. For transactions and balance inquiries at non-Union Bank ATMs, there is a $2.00 usage fee.*

*If using a non-Union Bank ATM, there may also be a surcharge assessed by the institution that operates the ATM, which UBT cannot control or waive.

How do I use debit card controls?

You can freeze your card from the associated account screen. 

You can manage real-time alerts and set limits from within the More menu on the new release of the UBTgo mobile app.

I received a text message about a suspicious transaction, is this legitimate?

Yes, UBT will send you suspicous activity texts regarding your debit card from short code 70756. To confirm the activity, simply reply "Yes" and continue using your card.  Reply "No" is that activity was not you. Our automated system will call you to start the stolen card reporting process and restrict access to the card.

Can I use my debit card internationally?

Yes, international transactions will have a 1% fee assessed. When traveling, notify us ahead of time so that your card is not restricted for suspected fraud. 

What’s the difference between a debit card and a credit card?

A debit card allows you access to the money in your checking account. A credit card gives you access to an approved line of credit, and you repay the balance later.

How do I change my card design?

You may request a new card design in person at any branch, or by calling or chatting with us.

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