Physician Mortgage Program

Let’s make home happen — today

Residents and doctors early in their career often face difficulties getting a mortgage due to a large debt-to-income ratio (DTI). A physician home loan, or “doctor mortgage,” gives special consideration to those working in the medical field, offering a lower down payment option not available in conventional mortgage lending. Read on to learn more of the benefits of buying a home with UBT’s Physician Mortgage Program.

Lower down payment

UBT’s Physician Mortgage Program requires no down payment on loans up to $500,000, a 5% down payment on loans from $500,000 to $1 million, and a 10% down payment on loans above $1 million.

No pay stubs

We know you’re just getting started, so to make the home loan process easier, a signed employment contract will suffice as proof of income for your loan application — no pay stubs needed! Just note that your residency or employment must be confirmed to start within 60 days of closing.

No private mortgage insurance

While conventional loans require private mortgage insurance (PMI) on loans with lower down payments, UBT’s Physician Mortgage Program does away with PMI, so you’ll have one less expense to worry about.

Refinancing available

As your income goes up, your debt-to-income ratio goes down, or your credit score improves, refinancing your mortgage might make sense — and we’ll be happy to help along the way.

Loan products subject to credit approval.