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Welcome to Lincoln! We’re here to help make sure you have access to your money — and the financial services you need.

  • UBT International Services

    UBT International Services

    Your UBT banking journey starts here

    When you’re in a new place far from home, it’s easy to get overwhelmed — but we want to make it as easy as possible for you to access your money, make purchases, send and receive money, and more. Check out this quick video to get an overview of the services we offer international students, then click through the tabs to learn more.

  • Interpretation Services

    Interpretation Services

    Do your banking your way

    If you’re more comfortable talking about banking and your finances in your native language, no worries — we offer free interpretation services at our branch or over the phone.

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  • Travel Information

    Travel Information

    Getting ready for a trip? Let us help.

    Using your UBT Visa debit card to make purchases and access your funds while traveling is easy. Here’s a bit of helpful information to keep in mind:

    • Your card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted in the United States and abroad
    • You can get cash from any ATM with your card; however, a $2 ATM usage fee may apply for non-UBT ATMs
    • A fee of 1% of the U.S. dollar amount of each ATM/Visa Debit Card transaction made in countries outside of the United States will be added
    • If you’re planning a trip, call us beforehand to put a note on your account so we know it’s you using your card from afar

    Card lost or stolen while traveling? We’ve got your back. Call us right away at 402.323.1777 or 800.297.2837. For more information, visit our Lost or Stolen Cards page.

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  • International Wire Transfers

    International Wire Transfers

    Send and receive money safely and easily

    Sending and receiving money from home shouldn’t be a hassle. We’ve broken down the process into a few easy steps.

    Receiving money from home

    1. Come to the branch and fill out a Wire Instructions card.
    2. Snap a picture of the completed card with your phone and send it to your family.
    3. Once we receive the wire info from the sending bank, we can put the money into your UBT account.

    Sending money home

    Sending money to your family back home is even easier: Just come to the branch and provide a few pieces of information, including the personal information of the person receiving the money (name, physical address, and bank account number) and the information of the bank receiving the transfer (name, location, and swift/BIC number). 

    Hint: Including a detailed reason for sending or receiving a wire can help speed along the process. Example: money for tuition, money for school expenses, etc.

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UBTgo Digital Banking

Your bank goes where you go

UBTgo helps you easily manage all of your money from any device. Deposit checks from your phone, pay a friend, pay your bills — you can do it all any time, anywhere.

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On-campus support and resources

Nebraska Union branch

As a student, life happens on campus — so your banking should, too. You’ll find a full-service branch inside the Nebraska Union, plus convenient ATMs located on both campuses.

Online chat

Need help from a real person but don’t have time to run down to the branch? We’ve got you covered. Simply start a chat with a member of our friendly, local Customer Support Team.

Meet with a banker

If you’re looking to have a larger conversation about your finances, investing for the future, or any other banking needs, you can set up a time to meet with someone at the campus branch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to open a UNL MyStyle Account?

Domestic students need a government issued ID and their N Card.

International students will need a passport and their N Card.

How do I set up online banking?

Visit ubt.com or download the UBTgo mobile app. Choose the registration option and fill out all of the information asked for. 

For UNL international students, faculty, and staff:

If you do not have a social security number, use the first four digits of your UNL Student ID number unless otherwise instructed. If you haven't gotten a U.S. phone number yet, fill in the phone number field with zeros. 

Where can I find my account number and routing number?

Union Bank's routing number is 104910795.

You can find your account number in a few places:

  1. In UBTgo accessed through desktop or the mobile browser on the Account Details section of the Account Activity Screen
  2. On your checks
  3. On a monthly statement either mailed to your or accessed through UBTgo


What is the reason for a savings account?

Savings accounts are best for money that you intend to set aside. You can deposit into your savings account as many times as you like, but there are limits on how often you can withdraw in a month. Typically, savings accounts earn some interest. 

Can I use my debit card internationally?

Yes, international transactions will have a 1% fee assessed. When traveling, notify us ahead of time so that your card is not restricted for suspected fraud. 

What is UBT's Wire SWIFT Code for receiving an international wire?


To assist our customers living abroad or with family members who live outside of the United States, we have an International Wire SWIFT Code. Use the information below to send a wire to a Union Bank & Trust account:

  1. Receiving Bank: Union Bank & Trust Co.
  2. SWIFT Code: UNTUUS42
  3. Beneficiary: Union Bank & Trust Co. Account Name
  4. Address: Union Bank & Trust Co. Account Address
  5. Account Number: Union Bank & Trust Co. Account Number

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