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Upcoming Enhancements to Debit Cards and ATMs

Be Alerted of Possible Fraud Faster

To help protect our customers, you may now be alerted by text message*, phone call, or email about suspected fraudulent charges on your account. You will have the ability to immediately confirm the validity of the transaction. These new contact methods will help stop fraud in its tracks and help you to quickly get approval for transactions that are actually yours. Make sure we have your correct contact information (phone number, email address) on file by contacting our Customer Support Team or stopping into your local branch. On June 21st, we will be sending out text to ask customers to sign up for Text Fraud Alerts. The message will come from 70756. Simply reply "Yes" to enroll. If you don't receive this message by June 21st.

We offer this service on an opt-in basis only. Union Bank will never send unsolicited text messages asking for personal information from our customers. To learn more about protecting your information visit

Activate Your Card and Change Your PIN Over the Phone

Beginning June 12th, you will have the ability to activate newly issued cards and change your PIN at any time and from anywhere by calling 800.992.3808.

How to use your Debit Card with the EMV Chip

EMV Debit Cards

Debit cards expiring after June 2017 will be automatically replaced with new debit cards containing EMV technology. The EMV "chip" on your card creates an extra layer of security when used at retailers where you dip the card instead of swipe. No personal information is stored on the chip; it simply creates a unique transaction code at every purchase rather than sharing your full card information. To ensure you can still use your card at all retailers and for online or phone purchases, new cards are still issued with a magnetic strip and a number printed on the card. Because of this, it is important for you to continue monitoring your accounts for unauthorized charges.

Updates to ATMs

Our ATMs are receiving a makeover in the next few months with a new on-screen look and easier navigation. Deposits made at UBT ATMs will display differently on your statement with checks and cash being split into two separate deposits. UBT has 26 convenient ATM locations with deposit capabilities (maximum limits apply). We will no longer be able to accept deposits made at ATMs we do not own or operate. Visit our Locations page to find the UBT ATM nearest you with deposit capabilities. Also, deposits up to $3,000 can be made from wherever you are through the UBTgo Mobile App*.

Verified by Visa® Changes

Due to system changes, cardholders who have previously registered their cards through Verified by Visa will need to re-register their cards after June 16, 2017 to continue the Verified by Visa service. After June 16, please visit to access the link to re-register your Debit Card with Verified by Visa.

Here to Help

If you need help or have questions about these enhancements, visit your local branch or contact the Customer Support Team at 800.297.2837.

*Message and data rates may apply.