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Abuse, neglect, and homelessness are a reality for far too many kids in our community. For 75 years CEDARS has been here to give kids a safe shelter where they can grow and thrive. Every day, there are nearly 300 kids staying with CEDARS because they have no other safe place to spend the night. Hundreds more are waiting.

Of the hundreds more kids in need of emergency services, some are couch-surfing with friends. Some are living in vehicles. And some of them are sleeping on the streets. One teen who came to CEDARS earlier this year told us no one knew he was homeless — not even his teachers at school. He slept on a park bench at night and somehow managed to get himself to school each day. His story is real and his experience is heartbreaking. A kid shouldn't have to sleep on a bench. A kid shouldn't have to worry about where his next meal will come from. With CEDARS help, this young man graduated high school and is now in his own apartment — with support from CEDARS — and is learning independent living skills. With additional support, CEDARS can be here for more kids like him, and give them hope for their future.

We are honored to be here for these kids with a range of programs offering support to kids who have nowhere else to turn. From our Street Outreach team to Southeast Nebraska's only Emergency Shelter to our network of 200 foster homes, this work has always been at the very heart of our work and mission. It is the foundation on which CEDARS was established 75 years ago and has built our current array of services and outreach to kids who need us most.

At CEDARS, we believe kids deserve the very best this world has to offer. With support from The Big Give, presented by UBT, CEDARS can serve more kids in need of a safe place. If you share this vision for kids who have no other safe place to spend the night, please choose CEDARS and Give Big to the kids who need us most.

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