The Big Give

Voting is live!

It’s time to submit your votes for the nonprofit proposals you think would be the most impactful for the community. You’ll have three total votes to cast — one each in the small, medium, and large categories — and you have until August 26 to make your choices. Scroll down for more information.

Voting Instructions

Here’s how to vote

Voting in The Big Give is easy — but before you cast your votes, we encourage you to take the time to review all the proposals in each category. The full list of 58 finalists is below, which you can sort by category (small, medium, and large). Simply click on a nonprofit’s logo to learn more. When you’re ready to vote, here’s how you do it:

  1. Click on the nonprofit you want to vote for, then click the Vote For Nonprofit button.
  2. Enter your email address; a verification code will then be sent to that email address. Once you receive the code, enter it in the field to complete your vote.
  3. Do it again in the other two size categories!
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Giveaway Overview

$1 million will be gifted — and you get to help decide where

In order to make the most impact in multiple areas of need, we’re giving $100,000 apiece to 10 different charitable organizations to fund projects or initiatives that will benefit the community. Separate categories will be established for small, medium, and large organizations.

Here’s how we’re divvying up the gifts:

  • Small nonprofits: four $100,000 gifts
  • Medium nonprofits: three $100,000 gifts
  • Large nonprofits: three $100,000 gifts

The applications have been reviewed by our committee and the finalists are chosen! A public online vote beginning August 12 will determine which local nonprofits receive the $100,000 gifts.

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The Big Give Timeline

Applications accepted

June 30–July 15. Nonprofits had two weeks to apply, sharing with our committee how they intend to use these funds to impact the Lincoln/Lancaster County community.

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Committee review

July 18–22. Our committee reviewed all of the applications received and narrowed them down to a list of finalists.

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Finalists announced

August 8. We will announce the nonprofit finalists in each of the three categories: small, medium, and large.

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Public vote

August 12–26. We let the people vote! We encourage you to vote for the proposed projects or initiatives you believe will have the biggest impact on our community.

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Winners announced

September 6–16. We’ll announce the winning nonprofits. Four small nonprofits, three medium nonprofits, and three large nonprofits will each receive $100,000!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does UBT do with the email addresses collected for voting?

Emails entered to cast votes in The Big Give are solely for verification purposes and will not be used for messaging or marketing communications outside of The Big Give. Your privacy is very important to us, so unless you are already receiving marketing communications from us, you will not start receiving them after voting.

How many votes do I get?

Each voter will get a total of three votes: one per category of small, medium, and large, based on the size of the nonprofit’s operating budget.

Who is eligible to vote?

Any supporter of the Lincoln/Lancaster County community.

Why did I receive a message that says “You already voted” when I tried to vote for a nonprofit?

If you received this message, it means you have either already voted for a nonprofit in that size category or you have already used all three of your allotted votes (one per category).

What if I can’t find my voting code?

If your voting code doesn’t arrive in your email inbox within a couple of minutes, we recommend checking your junk folder, your quarantined messages, or other message tabs (like Social or Promotions in Gmail) for the email.

Will voting entries be monitored for duplicates?

Yes, we are using software to help eliminate duplicate voters and other fraudulent voting.

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