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Healthcare is expensive — this comes as no surprise! 

Have you ever considered where you would go if you couldn't afford healthcare? If you didn't have insurance? Or if you couldn't afford the insurance you did have? If you lived at 200% below the poverty line or if you were homeless? 

These are the realities of the people that we serve at Clinic with a Heart. For the last 20 years, we've helped thousands of our neighbors access quality healthcare for FREE! We have provided urgent healthcare services, for those who are uninsured and underinsured in our community, but now we want to do more! 

We want to help our underserved neighbors on a larger scale. We want to expand our free clinic services and add a daytime primary care medical clinic to allow us to serve our patients in a bigger capacity. A "medical home" for those who cannot afford routine, quality healthcare. Our primary care, medical home would serve approximately 1,000 individuals who are living at 200% or below the federal poverty level, or have Medicaid.

The patients who would come to our medical home would see the same providers each time they came, developing provider-patient relationships, allowing for a strong focus on prevention and overall wellness, and creating a foundation for healthy living.

Today, our patients face many barriers to accessing quality healthcare. Language is one of the many barriers. In 2021, our patients spoke 33 different languages. At Clinic with a Heart, we are able to accommodate our patients, and provide interpreter services, no matter what language is spoken. Another barrier our patients face is poverty. 86% of our patients live below the federal poverty level, with 21% of our patients being homeless and another 17% worried about losing their housing. We also serve a very diverse population, 44% of our patients are white, 22% are hispanic, 15% are black, with the remaining being from other ethnic backgrounds and cultures. We are a safe, welcoming place for all.

Clinic with a Heart strives to break down barriers to healthcare. The above statistics tell a story, but the story goes much deeper. Beyond the services we provide, we strive to convey the Golden Rule in action. Having access to quality healthcare is a building block to many other accomplishments in life; including learning, employment, and overall well-being. 

Starting a primary care clinic is a big endeavor. The $100,000 gift would help us move our dream along. Initially, we will have to renovate our current space to make it more accessible for our patients. Secondly, we need to purchase an Electronic Health Record system to maintain patient records and be able to share these records with our medical partners. The remaining funds would be allocated for hiring medical providers and insurance.

Having access to quality healthcare is something everyone deserves — help us help others!

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