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Growing food in the city can be a rewarding experience for farmers and gardeners alike. One of the biggest challenges facing urban growers is access to specialized tools and equipment to help them grow as much as possible. Often this equipment is very expensive and only needed for a few hours or days per year. To save money and natural resources, it doesn't make sense for everyone to buy all of their own tools.

Introducing: The Urban Ag Library. The Urban Ag Library operates much like a public library, but instead of lending books, we will lend out tools and equipment needed to grow food. A local veggie farmer could check out a walk-behind tractor to plant their fields or a gardener could borrow a string trimmer or chainsaw to help turn a vacant lot into a garden!

Funding will help purchase the initial library inventory of equipment and tools. It will also provide for someone to manage the library and create educational videos and handouts to help community members safely use what's available. 

We will all benefit from having this fantastic resource available in our community. We can grow more food, save money, and connect with our neighbors.

Please vote for the Community Crops Urban Ag Library to win a grant in The Big Give, presented by UBT!

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Thank you to every nonprofit who submitted an application for The Big Give. We're inspired by your ideas on how to improve our community. 

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