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Every month at least 900 individuals are sold for sex in Nebraska. Largely due to two major interstates that run through Nebraska, there is an ever-increasing amount of individuals — including minors — being sex-trafficked throughout the state. These trafficking instances increase during large events including concerts, the College World Series, Olympic Swim Trials, State Games, and large sporting events. While there are many urgent facets to address in order to curb sex-trafficking in Nebraska, the primary focus of Disrupting Traffick is to support the recovery and healing of trafficking survivors with long-term relational support.

While survivors of trafficking have very diverse stories and backgrounds, there are a few themes that run through their stories. The highest risk individuals in Nebraska include individuals who are in foster care or have previously been in the foster care system, homeless youth/young adults, individuals who were sexually abused and/or trafficked as children, and individuals who grew up in the social-services system for various reasons.

84% of social service providers in Nebraska report that they are not equipped to address the unique needs of trafficking survivors. Healing complex trauma is not a simple or linear process; it takes time and safety to heal from trauma and establish healthy patterns of attachment.

Our Resource Center for Trafficking Survivors will focus on four primary areas that trafficking survivors have reported as their most urgent needs: tangible support (food/clothing); safe housing/emergency housing; trauma informed medical care, including mental health services; and support with coordinating the social services and resources available in the community. 

We believe that the needs of trafficking survivors are complex and deserve specific trauma-informed care to ensure they are equipped with a network of support that will help them through the long-term journey of healing.

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