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The Lincoln Children's Museum understands that not every family in Lincoln can afford to purchase a membership to the Lincoln Children's Museum. Our goal as a children's museum is to provide access to the highest standards of early education and give every child in Lincoln the opportunity to experience the joys of learning through play. 

This $100,000 would go to supporting low-income families in Lincoln/Lancaster Country with the ability to receive an annual membership. It is truly remarkable to see children uncover their potential and gain confidence as they navigate through the Lincoln Children's Museum. 

Don't you believe all children, no matter their financial situation, should have access to learn and develop through the joys of play?

Your vote has the power to impact over 4,000 individuals over the course of the next three years. Receiving this monetary gift would allow the Lincoln Children's Museum to continue to achieve our primary goal of being a museum for all no matter their financial barriers.

We have seen a significant increase in Have a Heart membership applications which tells us this program is needed and will continue to grow in the future. Therefore, the need for additional funding to support this program is required. A gift such as this would ensure financial support of the Have a Heart membership program for years to come.

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