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Throughout the pandemic, parents have confronted numerous challenges as they strive to keep their families safe. However, the recent national shortage of infant formula strikes a deeper chord for many in our community. Every mother, whether their "baby" is a newborn or in their 40's, can relate to the vulnerability and fragility of the first year of parenthood. The transition of welcoming a new baby is difficult, and nothing feels more important to parents than the health and safety of their child.

Over the past few months, MilkWorks has experienced an increased demand for services as many moms hope that breastfeeding will be a dependable and low-cost way to ensure that their babies are fed. Community support is critical now, but the need for comprehensive breastfeeding resources is not new and will not go away. Research overwhelmingly demonstrates the health benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and baby. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recently increased their recommendations that mothers breastfeed their babies up to two years of age to increase the benefits associated with breastfeeding.

However, breastfeeding does not come easily for many mothers. Since 2001, MilkWorks has helped new moms by providing quality clinical lactation support as well as numerous free informal breastfeeding and parenting resources to empower parents to meet their breastfeeding goals. The UBT Big Give would enable MilkWorks to continue our mission and increase the breadth of our client-base.

While the formula shortage is a new issue for moms with resources, it is unfortunately not a new concern for moms who struggle financially. MilkWorks is committed to serving all parents, no matter their economic status. Currently, around 15% of our families are uninsured or underinsured. This gift would enable us to expand our reach and provide clinical services to those who are unable to pay. When moms of all backgrounds are able to breastfeed successfully, the health benefits of our entire community are overflowing!

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