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With additional funding from UBT, Pediatric Cancer Action Network (PCAN) would be able to reach every family diagnosed with childhood cancer in Lincoln/Lancaster county to offer financial support. PCAN would be able to extend funding for expenses such as rent/mortgage, utilities, groceries, travel expenses, medical bills, and prescription drugs when a child is diagnosed with cancer. These expenses can quickly bury a family financially when one, or both, caregivers miss work to get their child to treatment and appointments! With financial support from PCAN, and additional funding from the Big Give, presented by UBT, we would be able to allow for the family to focus on the health of their child, and not on bills!  The expenses related to a childhood cancer diagnosis can quickly lead to bankruptcy. These added financial stressors often lead to the breakdown of the family while a child is in treatment. If we can alleviate some of that financial burden, we know that the family is stronger and the child does better, physically and emotionally while they battle cancer. 

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Thank you to every nonprofit who submitted an application for The Big Give. We're inspired by your ideas on how to improve our community. 

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