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Tabitha Meals on Wheels began in 1967 as the first service of its kind in Lincoln. Today we serve a hot, noon meal to over 500 clients daily, 365 days per year — including holidays and snow days. To date, we have served more than five million meals to individuals in the community.

Unlike many other Meals on Wheels programs around the country, Tabitha Meals on Wheels continues to say yes to all those needing this lifeline service, regardless of their circumstances or resources, and does not have a cap on program numbers. Food provided by Tabitha Meals on Wheels is well-balanced, fresh, healthy, and prepared by Tabitha's nutrition department in a professional foodservice kitchen.

For 90% of clients, all that's needed to continue successfully living at home is a delivered meal. Even though 80% of clients served cannot afford the cost of the meal, Tabitha continues to deliver thanks to generous donors and dedicated volunteers.

This support is invaluable for clients like Sam, who lost his wife after 68 years of marriage and is facing his third battle with cancer. After several months of receiving Meals on Wheels, Sam called to cancel his meals. A few weeks later, Sam called Tabitha's Meals on Wheels coordinator to request a meal for the next day. As she listened to Sam, she discovered he was losing weight and feeling ill. In tears, Sam told her he had stopped the meals because he could not afford to pay the daily cost for a meal. Through the support of Tabitha's generous donors, Tabitha had the privilege of telling Sam we could continue providing for his needs, regardless of his financial constraints.

These daily deliveries provide more than a meal; they bring a friendly face, a well-being check and peace of mind for families. For 82% of recipients, volunteers are often the only people they have face-to-face contact with each day. Tabitha Meals on Wheels clients receive a nutritious meal and families gain peace of mind knowing a volunteer is checking on their loved one with every meal delivery.

For Sam and hundreds of clients like him, this service is a lifeline that enables them to maintain their health and independence. A generous $100,000 gift from Union Bank & Trust would cover nearly one quarter of the annual cost of providing meals to the 500+ recipients who rely on this service every day of the year. At a cost of $6.25 per meal, this $100,000 gift would provide more than 16,000 meals to those in need.

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