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Uplifting Paws strives to improve all walks of life with a wagging tail. By pairing a skilled service dog with a disabled individual, or providing our community with trained 4-legged heroes to spread confidence and joy during times of stress, isolation, or increased difficulty. Our service dog program includes providing fully trained service dogs for individuals with Autism, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and mobility restrictions. A service dog is trained specifically for an individual to help them throughout their daily life with their disability; this can mean retrieving much-needed medication, alerting to a seizure, or interrupting self-harm behavior. Our therapy dog program provides the Lincoln community with comfort companions that can alleviate mental health issues caused by traumatic events, health conditions or disorders, or overall anxiety.

Receiving this gift allows us to expand and improve our program by adding a full-time dog trainer to our staff. With this expansion in our program, we will also need to prepare for the incoming dogs with new training equipment, and a shaded outdoor area to train in. An additional full-time dog trainer will allow us to double the number of service and therapy dogs placed throughout the city. With the ability to train more service and therapy dogs, Uplifting Paws is able to provide much needed support in the Lincoln community.

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