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Help ensure that victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and human trafficking have free confidential services available 24-hours a day. Services to victims help provide safety, support and resources. No one should have to go through this trauma alone. 

Voices of Hope provides crisis intervention, advocacy and case management services of victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and related forms of abuse. We also provide outreach to refugees and immigrants through our domestic violence cultural advocacy programs at the cultural centers.

Help provide free trauma-informed services 24 hours a day to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and human trafficking. Ensure that victims, as well as their children, receive responsive, empowering services, both individual and cultural through crisis services and advocacy. No one should be alone. Help provide a safety net to victims in the criminal and juvenile justice, medical, educational and human services systems.

Advocates accompany a victim to the hospital and attend interviews with law enforcement 24 hours a day. All three Lincoln hospitals have emergency room protocols that include contacting our advocate for all sexual assault victims. Voices of Hope is a part of a sexual assault response team, which includes law enforcement, nurse examiners, prosecutors and Voices of Hope advocates. The hospitals also have developed a screen for domestic violence for all women 16 and over. When a woman's screen is positive, she is offered a Voices of Hope advocate to help with safety planning and to identify services available to her in the community.

Advocates will accompany a victim to court, providing emotional support and information on the criminal justice process. Voices of Hope advocates will assist with filling out protection order forms, filing the petition, developing safety plans and attend hearings with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Follow-up is available from the incident through probation or parole.

Enhanced 24-hour Advocacy has been implemented with the Lincoln Police Department, Lancaster County Sheriff's Department. And UNL Police Department. After a batterer has been jailed, the law enforcement officer coordinating the case will contact an advocate who will then contact the victim either in person or by phone in order to provide support and information prior to the release of the batterer.

Case Management: Case Managers assess the needs of clients and arrange, coordinate, monitor and evaluate for a package of multiple resources and services to meet the clients' needs.

Voices of Hope staff provide the voice for victims and survivors to the sexual assault response team, the domestic violence coordinated response team and the Lincoln threat advisory team. Victims and their safety are represented at these teams. Voices of Hope and our partners are the voice and the hope for victims in our community. Join us and be a voice vote to ensure 24-hour crisis services are available to victims.

Voices of Hope in Lincoln, NE

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