Money as a Gift

Tips for giving great gifts this holiday season

The holiday season is upon us, which usually means lots of gift-giving. Before you head out to the mall or your favorite local shops, read through our suggestions for how to make the most of your gifting dollars this year — from making cash gifts more fun to planning for the future to charitable giving and beyond.

Fun ways to give cash

Many of us feel that money is the perfect gift — it doesn’t go out of style, it always fits, and it doesn’t need dusting or special maintenance. Sometimes, though, those who like gifting money wonder if there’s more to the presentation than a cash envelope. Don’t get us wrong, manufacturers make some lovely cash cards, but why not turn that gift of green into money to remember by spending some time on the presentation? Read on for suggestions to wow the recipient.

Gifting money? Ditch the card for something more fun

Leaving a legacy

While we’re in the season of gift-giving, it seems like an appropriate time to talk about a different type of giving: the kind that ties in with putting an effective estate plan in place. Lifetime gifts carry significant benefits — even if your estate isn’t taxable under the current rules. Click through to learn the reasons why gifting remains an important part of estate planning.

Lifetime gifts can be a smart estate planning strategy

Online shopping tips

As soon as the last of the turkey has been gobbled up — and often before the final touchdown — we’re off to our devices to do some scoring of our own. While we all know how to shop online, your friendly neighborhood bank wants you to get the most bang for your holiday buck. We’ve put together some pointers for stretching your shopping dollars and finding the best deals.

Tips for shopping online this holiday season

Shopping local

When you do head out for in-person shopping, why not bypass the big-box stores and think small for a personalized experience with a big payoff? By patronizing home-grown businesses, you can make a positive impact on the local economy, engage with your community, and find unique items — some of which may be created where you live, making even more of a local reverberation. Small Business Saturday is the perfect opportunity to show local businesses some love.

Shop local this holiday season

Long-term gifts

Toys, games, and gadgets come and go, but if you want to give those you love a gift that will last, consider gifting them a secure future. Investing in the recipient’s education, paying on an imminent debt, or making an initial deposit into a savings account to be used for a designated goal are gifts that can make a significant and positive impact on their financial life. Here are a few ways to give a financially healthy future.  

Contributing to a 529

Pay down a debt

Open a savings account


Meaningful gifts

Every year, many of us struggle to come up with a great gift for family members and close friends. In this episode of our MoneyBetter podcast, host Caitlin Moore talks with Lisa Guill, Communications Director at City Impact, to learn more about the Gifts of Love program, the impact of year-end giving on nonprofits, and the importance of getting involved year-round.

MoneyBetter S.2 Ep.6 — Uplifting Gifting

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