Uplifting Gifting: How to Best Help Nonprofits You Love

November 08, 2021

The holidays are a busy time for everyone, and sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of what they’re all about. In this special episode, MoneyBetter host Caitlin Moore talks with Lisa Guill, Communications Director at City Impact, to learn more about the Gifts of Love program, the impact of year-end giving on nonprofits, and the importance of getting involved year-round.


3:11 – Our bottom line as a nonprofit isn’t about making a profit. It’s about the people that we serve. But we can’t serve the people that we serve if we’re not able to meet our budget. So it means a lot... to have community partners that are willing to give...

6:13 – We have so many people that come in and volunteer their time for different purposes and needs that we have. So someone who does not necessarily have the resources to give monetarily can support in other ways. There’s a sense of dignity for the giver, and if done properly, for the receiver.

9:06 – You can utilize the MyLNK app and ask, “What am I passionate about?” Then use the app to find the nonprofit that is doing what you’re passionate about and contact them.

13:30 – When you have volunteers that are invested in that way... it’s a partnership and it benefits everyone. It benefits a mentoring relationship, it benefits the student who has an opportunity to grow, who is maybe experiencing some doors opened.

20:44 – They can come to Gifts of Love and find those gifts for their kids at a price they can afford and get some great things to make their Christmas special, even if things are hard. And things were very hard last year, for everybody. It was incredible to see how the community rallied.

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