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Magic Moments

December 19, 2018

In the face of adversity, Shelby Chism has demonstrated what dedication to her children looks like. Shortly after the birth of her son Enzo, just four months ago, she faced a medical episode and three surgeries in a very short time.

A few days after her final surgery, she noticed concerning symptoms in her four-year-old daughter, Nova. After a trip to Children’s Hospital in Omaha, endless tests, and a blood transfusion, the diagnosis was given: Cold Agglutinin Hemolytic Anemia. This autoimmune disease causes her body to mistakenly destroy her red blood cells when in cold conditions. Considered very rare in children, the most difficult aspect of the illness is that Nova must remain warm to prevent her condition from worsening. Nova must stay indoors to keep her body temperature up and is required to always wear long sleeves, pants, and socks. While in the hospital, her IV fluids had to be pumped through a warmer, which left her unable to leave her hospital room for long periods of time.

As Nova endured countless blood draws, ultrasounds, and various treatments for her condition, Shelby never left her side; all while keeping baby Enzo in tow. Shelby was nominated by her mother who described Shelby as an amazing mom, with unmatched strength and determination. Her family wants her to know there are people who care about and support her, and that they are so tremendously proud of her.

Union Bank was honored to select Shelby for a Magic Moment as she settles into a new house and continues to care for her sweet family.

New curtains and artwork will adorn her home. A new vacuum will also be useful in the home, as well as a high chair and washer and dryer gifted by Schaefer’s TV & Appliances. Gas cards will assist with the trips to and from Children’s Hospital for Nova’s follow-up appointments. Nova and the rest of the family will be able to enjoy hours of indoor playtime using a membership to the Lincoln Children’s Museum. New toys and clothes for the children, as well as Scheels gift cards for clothes, shoes, and cold-weather gear will help the whole family stay warm this holiday season. A day at the spa will grant Shelby a well-deserved dose of rest and relaxation.

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