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Magic Moments

December 20, 2018
Stipke Family

A Contagious Spirit

Garrett Stipke has been described as a super-cool guy and type of person that lifts your spirits no matter your mood. He is an active participant in Lincoln Special Olympics and plays on many different teams, including the Lincoln Sharks Softball team. He loves to socialize and engage in friendly competition. Earlier this year, Garrett’s car broke down. Both he and his mother, Polly, depend on this car, so this unfortunate circumstance certainly created its share of problems. It made everyday tasks like buying groceries and getting around town to be quite a chore. Despite this, they have approached every day with an upbeat attitude. Garrett’s big heart and cheerful personality are such an uplifting part of many peoples’ lives, and his actions are a reminder to remain positive even in the most trying of times. It is for these reasons that Union Bank was thrilled to give Garrett a Magic Moment this Christmas.

Gifts & More!

With the help of many people who wanted to spread some Christmas Cheer, Garrett’s car was fixed and is fully functional again! Always Towing provided free transportation of the car to Dillon’s Auto, where the car was fixed free of charge. Replacement parts were donated by A Street Auto Parts. In addition, Garrett and Polly were given gift cards to Hy-Vee to choose their favorite things for Christmas dinner. Garrett was given a DeMarini Juggernaut softball bat, along with sports gear to practice for the upcoming season. Polly was given a KitchenAid mixer, and Bath and Body Works gift basket to pamper herself They were also given tickets to an upcoming Nebraska Men’s Basketball game, to enjoy a fun night of sports together.

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