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December 17, 2018
Hubbard Family

2018 has been quite a year for the Hubbard Family – unfortunately, much of it has been spent in hospitals and doctor appointments. The family is comprised of Carter, the father; mother Jennifer; and three children: Ryley, 22, now living in Rhode Island; Cayden, 17; and Josie, 8.  

In 2006 Cayden was diagnosed with a cancerous glioma brain tumor. Since then he has been through chemotherapy treatments, MRIs, and 6 surgeries. His most recent brain surgery was in February 2018, followed by several weeks at Madonna and 6 more weeks of rehab. Though Cayden missed a lot of school, he was driven to finish high school, and was able to graduate a year early thanks to help from Lincoln Southwest staff. Cayden is now enrolled at Southeast Community College in Lincoln, where he is taking a few classes and someday hopes to own his own business.

If that wasn’t enough, Carter has polycystic kidney disease and had been on dialysis since September 2017 awaiting a kidney transplant. Fortunately for Carter, that wish was granted on August 15, 2018. Carter still goes twice a week for blood draws to balance out his medications, but is now able to work part-time with the hopes of returning to full-time status early in 2019.

The Hubbard Family was nominated by the Amy Christensen Family who met them through the Team Jack Foundation. UBT was happy to provide this wonderful family with a Magic Moment and help bring them some holiday cheer and an opportunity to spend quality time together – somewhere other than doctors’ offices!

  • Tickets for the Family to the Lied Center
  • Family Membership for Lincoln Zoo
  • Suite seats for an NU Men’s Basketball game
  • Weekend getaway to Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City
  • U-Stop Gas Cards
  • Items from Scheels

We wish the Hubbards a very Merry Christmas!

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