Magic Moments: The Beying Family

December 22, 2021
The Beying Family


Amy Beying is a compassionate, dedicated 8th grade teacher — one who recently experienced the pain of losing a student. And while any teacher will tell you the loss of a beloved pupil is a heart-wrenching experience, it’s particularly devastating in Amy’s case. You see, Amy’s student was also her son, Isaac, and every time she looks out into the classroom and sees his empty desk, she is reminded of the aching hole in her heart — and the hole Isaac’s passing has left in their family.

The love of children

Amy and her husband Matt, a great guy who shares Amy’s love of children, adopted Isaac 14 years ago. They had waited too long for this precious gift, and they couldn’t wait to give him a great life. When they had the chance to adopt Eli a few years later, they grabbed it. What an amazing time the four of them had — gardening, biking, doing anything outdoors, just spending time together as a family. Amy and Matt learned that they didn’t just love children, but thrived on the love of a child. There’s really nothing like it.

Isaac was fun, and fun-loving. Autism and a genetic disorder didn’t really slow him down. A medical episode in November caught everyone by surprise, and they don’t really know the cause of his sudden passing, which makes it that much harder for everyone. They’re thankful for their faith, and they take comfort in the consolation of others and their great memories of the amazing blessing that was Isaac.

A caring place

Brother Eli is a fifth grader at the same school, so his days, too, are affected by this Isaac-shaped hole. They get a ton of support — North American Martyrs is a very caring place — but it’s still really hard. Sister Janelle Buettner, the principal at North American Martyrs School, nominated the Beyings, feeling they could use some magic this year. UBT knows the family has had a tough go of it, so we set out to add extra sparkle to their holiday.

To honor Isaac’s memory, Calvary Cemetery, North America Martyrs Catholic School, and River Valley Memorials have joined forces to help lessen the family’s costs and are providing a beautiful custom headstone. At home, a tree will be planted in the front yard to serve the same purpose, courtesy of Nebraska Nursery.

We also have some things planned in the way of family entertainment, starting with a getaway to Thedford, Nebraska, for a two-night cabin stay donated by Sandhills Retreat and a complete golf experience compliments of Thedford Golf Course. There’s also a plane ride to York, Nebraska, donated by Jeffrey Cochran, to enjoy a delicious family dinner courtesy of Chances R Restaurant. Prehistoric Putt furnished putt-putt fun for the family, along with a dinosaur light, and thanks to generous donations from Lincoln Children’s Zoo and Lincoln Children’s Museum, the Beying family can have outings galore throughout the year. They’ll also be sporting Iowa Hawkeyes apparel provided by Scheels, and Super C and U-Stop have ensured that gas costs will not be a concern.

Matt received supplies for his woodworking shop, and Amy’s gifts included classroom supplies, books, and a spa day donated by Spa De Da. Eli has new stuffed animals, including Minecraft characters and cats, and a new supply of Legos and books.

We’re wishing the Beying family hope and healing this Christmas. It won’t be easy, but we hope we made it a bit brighter. Happy holidays, Beying family!


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