What is a Ready Loan?

Tackle life’s unexpected expenses or nab a great deal with a hassle-free, no-collateral loan from UBT.

February 14, 2023
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Lucky you, finding big savings on a big screen just before a big game, or a deeply discounted deep freeze to help you save dough (and maybe store the frozen kind). Sometimes, a deal is so great, you want to strike while the iron is hot. As luck would have it, though, often those big bargains surface when we’re not flush with cash, like after the holidays or when we’re about to send a high school grad off to college.

Tapping into savings is one way to go, but it can be tough to find the discipline to put it back (no judgement here — it happens!). Putting the purchase on a credit card is another option if the interest rate makes sense and you can pay it off quickly. But if low interest and steady payments appeal to you, may we suggest another way to finance that find: a Ready Loan from UBT. Read on to learn more about this quick, easy, collateral-free way to fund what you desire — or to deal with what life deals you.

An easy loan, at the ready

Unlike a secured loan, which requires you to use collateral such as your automobile’s title or equity in your home, UBT’s Ready Loans are unsecured. Your creditworthiness guarantees this personal loan, so they’re perfect for folks with a solid credit score and a strong credit history. The absence of collateral — and often, a subsequent appraisal — considerably streamlines the process. The application is pretty speedy and straightforward, and it’s accessible online or with a friendly banker at your nearest UBT branch.

Keeping it local

Speaking of speedy, our reviewers and decision makers are local, further expediting the process. That means approval and funding is big deal (because you’re a big deal to us), but the process isn’t overly complicated. You could potentially have access to your funds in a little as an hour.

Making good financial sense

All too often, we’re asked to sacrifice cost-effectiveness for the sake of convenience. Fortunately, Ready Loans don’t fall into this category: Interest rates are competitive, and they can even be discounted further when automatic payments are made from a UBT account. There are no prepayment penalties, so borrowing for less time doesn’t cost more money. And you can even set your first payment as far as 45 days out to give yourself a bit of flexibility.

Fast and flexible

The Ready Loan’s ease of application and quick funding make it especially versatile. It’s a great fit for wants, needs, and emergencies. Contact us today to see if a Ready Loan is right for you, and let us know how that new deep freeze works out!

We hope you found some of our tips helpful! This article is part of the Fund Your Dreams, part of UBT's Five Principles of Financial Wellness Series. 


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