Business Banking Online FAQs

Can businesses have paperless statements?

Yes, paperless statements are available for both business and personal banking customers who have access to Online Banking. Business customers can receive paperless statements by signing up for Business Banking Online (BBO).

For additional assistance with paperless statements or Business Banking Online, please contact UBTgo Support at (402) 323-1454 or toll free, (833) 323-1454.

What is Business BillPay?

Business BillPay allows businesses the convenience of paying their bills electronically for a small monthly fee. 

  • Secure and offers a high level of control
  • Flexibility to pay virtually anyone, anytime, anywhere
  • Simply log in to Business Banking Online to access Business BillPay
  • Built-In Reporting to generate reports highlighting your Business BillPay activity. Your transactions will be itemized on your monthly checking account statement
Are there fees with Business Analysis Checking?

The fees associated with a Business Analysis Checking account include a monthly maintenance fee as well as checking activity charges for debits and credits.  

Basic Fees Include:

Maintenance Fee - $15 monthly fee.

Balance MGT fee - Calculated based on average positive account balance that is maintained.

Electronic Debits - $0.15 per item.

Electronic Credits - $0.20 per item.

Deposited Items - $0.10 per item.

Regular credits - $0.27 per item.

Return check items - $7.00 per item.

Paid check off of account - $0.17 per item.

Other fees may apply depending on additional products & services that may be utilized.

Contact a Treasury Management Services representative for complete details.

Can I have multiple BBO users within my organization with different levels of access?

Yes. You can allow users our “Standard Access”, which includes transfers, stop payment capabilities, and mobile deposit, or a “View Only” option.

How can I review and approve transfers using dual control?

Transfers can be reviewed and approved by clicking on the Review tab within the Transactions section on the Overview page or by clicking on the Review tab on the main menu.

How do you access Business Bill Pay?

Existing Business Bill Pay users can access Bill Pay by clicking on Bill Payments under the Management Tools option.

What should I do to view all my accounts on the BBO home page?

The Favorite Account section on the home page defaults to display your favorite accounts. It’s easy to modify this. Simply click the ‘Edit’ button and select all accounts you would like displayed in the Favorite Accounts pane.

I am locked out of Business Banking Online, what should I do?

Contact our Customer Support Team directly. Once you have successfully verified your identity,  the team can help you get your account unlocked and provide password reset assistance if needed. 

I received my token for Business Banking Online, how do I enable it?
  • Login to BBO using existing username and password 
  • Select the Enable Token option within Account Services 
  • Complete the online token enablement form and submit 

Going forward, you will utilize your token in conjunction of your original password.


Can I complete an internal loan payment through Business Banking Online?

Yes. Based on your requested access, you may make a payment to your UBT loan from any of your UBT funded accounts via the transfer options through Business Banking Online.

Message and data rates may apply.