Making Your Church Capital Campaign Successful

September 25, 2018
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Taking on a significant remodel, addition, or building project at your church is an exciting, and often daunting undertaking. I’ve worked with several churches at various stages of their project. I’m always excited when I’m able to step in with customized financing options that can help them turn their plans into reality. While financing is often a great solution for churches, it’s not always the answer – or at least the first step. Nearly every significant investment in a church begins with a capital campaign, turning to supporters to help back the project.

I’ve had the opportunity to see many ways that churches have approached Capital Campaigns. There’s no one way, but I have observed some important similarities in those that are most successful.

Established Church Brand

You do not have to be a large church to benefit from creating a brand for your church. Brand is simply defining who you are and why you do what you do. And then consistently repeating that message through all your communications. There’s some magic in the consistency, as your supporters will not only recognize items they receive from you, but will often begin to identify on a deeper level with your church.

Clearly Set Objectives

While this may seem simple, it’s often difficult for those closely involved in a project to clearly communicate the stages and purpose to others. Focusing on the why rather than the how can make a significant impact in the amount people are willing to give.

Consistent Communications

People are busy, and even the most well-meaning individuals can overlook your first, second, and even third letter. It’s important to be consistent – and persistent – in communicating with potential donors. This is often where the successful campaigns rise above those that do not meet their targets. Don’t be afraid to let your supporters know just how vital they are to the success of your project.

Many churches have small communication teams or even volunteer committees that run church communications, which can make it difficult to handle the work that goes along with the points listed above. For my clients looking for outside help, I’m happy to connect them to a marketing resource that specializes in building customized marketing materials for churches. At Abstract Union, Rebeca and her team have a passion for helping churches achieve success – from capital campaigns to on-going church communications. They understand churches and their budgets, and have options in place for any size of church, located anywhere in the United States.

Special Offer for Church Capital Campaigns

In honor of Union Bank’s 100th anniversary, Abstract Union is providing churches, ministries, and Christian agencies referred by UBT a special test drive of their church capital campaign communication services. The first 100 churches to test drive their customized design and implementation services will receive:

  • Free design with the purchase of any print deliverable (quantities of 250 and up)
  • Free script writing and voiceover with the purchase of any video deliverable (60 seconds and up)

Have questions? Contact Rebeca Kempff directly here: Get Church Capital Campaign Communication Services.

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