Magic Moments: Madison Clark and Family

“Madison embraces Finn as her own and handles the situation with grace and without complaints.”

— Cathy Martinez, nominator and past recipient

One phrase to describe Madison Clark, Zach Hall, and their family is “full-time.” Madison works full-time, and Zach is a full-time student who also works full-time to help make ends meet. They have an 18-month-old daughter, Ivy, and this past summer, Zach’s 6-year-old son, Finn, unexpectedly came to live with them full-time as well. They were excited to welcome him into their home, though it’s not without its challenges, as Finn was born three months premature and has cerebral palsy. He is paralyzed in three of his limbs and uses a wheelchair, which also brings many doctor’s appointments, specialized care, IEPs, and more, in addition to the usual life challenges that come with his condition.

This close-knit family also has each other’s backs full-time — so much so that Madison and Zach are engaged to be married next summer!

A magic mom-ination

Cathy Martinez, Madison’s mother and nominator, is a previous Magic Moments recipient herself and knows first-hand how much a Magic Moment can brighten someone’s world. She’s so proud of her daughter and the amazing job she’s doing as a parent and the role she has taken on for the family, especially for Finn.

Madison embraces Finn as her own and handles the situation with grace and without complaints. She takes on much of the responsibility of caring for a baby and a special needs child while working full-time, somehow making it appear easy from the outside looking in. Of course, what she’s doing daily isn’t easy and at times can put some extra stress on even this fantastic family.

So Cathy submitted her nomination, and needless to say, we were moved by her words and her love. It’s important to her that Madison and the family receive something extra special to brighten the holidays. After all, this will be Finn’s first Christmas with them as a “full-time” member of the family, and it’s the perfect opportunity to start new traditions and make him feel special and at home.

We agreed that Madison and her family deserve some Christmas magic to help ease some of the financial and emotional strain the holidays can add.

The family enjoys spending time together (even when it’s doing nothing at all), especially being outdoors, going to parks, and doing as many things as possible with Finn. Reading books is a favorite pastime, as is putting together Lego sets.

Well, get ready, Madison, Zach, Finn, and Ivy, as you’re going to be busy in 2023 with Lincoln Children’s Zoo and Museum memberships, plus a weekend at Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City.

The kids will enjoy some new art supplies and will be thrilled by a new outdoor play set similar to what Finn enjoys at daycare, with a favorite space he loves to crawl under.

Everyone got gifts tailored to their own interests, and they’ll be decked out with new warm winter clothing. Madison will enjoy some pampering, thanks to a spa and self-care package. Relax for a bit, you certainly deserve it!

Last but not least, we just had to do something for the newlyweds-to-be. They’ve cut quite a few things they’d love to do from their wedding budget, but we’re adding in something their whole wedding party can enjoy: an Elite Party Bus wedding package!

It’s such a joy to be able to get to know this family better, and bring them even more things to celebrate this holiday season. Your friends at UBT wish your family all the best this holiday season, in the new year, and beyond.