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Magic Moments 2014

This time of year is all about the spirit of giving and helping others. Union Bank is celebrating the twelfth year of “Magic Moments,” a program granting special gifts to ten individuals or families in the Lincoln community who are less fortunate than others. Read more about each Magic Moment below.

The Miller Family’s Story

Loving, giving and fighter. These are all words that come to mind when describing Kylie Miller, a single mother of four beautiful boys—Mason, Brekyn, Lennox and Tayte. Earlier this year Kylie had a very complicated pregnancy with her fraternal twin boys, Lennox and Tayte, and was placed on bed rest. After months of being on bed rest, she gave birth early which resulted in the babies having to spend some time in the NICU. Due to this unforeseen circumstance and the traumatizing pregnancy, Kylie was unable to work to support her family. Without a job it has been a struggle, to say the least; but thankfully, things have recently taken a turn for the better as she recently found and began her new job. With everything that this young mother has gone through the past several months, Christy, Kylie’s mother, nominated her to receive a Magic Moment in hopes that Christmas could come true this year for her daughter and grandsons.

To help make this Christmas a special one for this wonderful family, Kylie was surprised with a new digital camera so that she can take pictures of her children’s priceless moments. Kylie loves photography so this was a very special gift for her. Of course, you are unable to edit those precious pictures without a computer. She also received a new laptop. With four children, gas vouchers and a gift card to CVS will be put to good use. Mason, is an eleven-year-old boy who is often called an old soul. He loves to read so what better gift to receive than several books from the two series The Giver Quartet Box Set by Lois Lowry and The Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan. Along with reading, Mason loves building things and was excited to receive two City Lego sets. Brekyn is an ornery, feisty five year old. He loves to play games and has always wanted a tablet. He was absolutely thrilled to be given his very own Kindle Fire. Brekyn also opened Transformer figures and a new winter coat. Diapers are always a necessity so the four month old twins, Lennox and Tayte, received large boxes of diapers and several warm, winter, matching outfits. They also will be able to enjoy a Fisher Price 3 in 1 Ride and Stride Elephant. As a family, they will all be able to share in some memorable moments with a year’s worth of fun to the Lincoln Children’s Zoo and the Lincoln Children’s Museum.

We would like to wish Kylie, Mason, Brekyn, Lennox and Tayte a very Merry Christmas!


The Werner Family's Story

Seven-year-old Clint, who is a first grader at Arnold Elementary School, knows just how to find the way to your heart. Clint lives with his grandparents, Christie and Terry along with his brother Zachary who is 17 years old. Christie and Terry selflessly took Clint in at birth and later adopted him due to being born in an unhealthy environment and situation. Clint’s school counselor and assistant principle nominated him for a Magic Moment to give a little extra cheer to him and his family this holiday season. Clint has ADHD, so he has a lot of questions and is always busy. Those who work with him at school said that he and his family really stand out, though there are many great families at Arnold Elementary. Clint’s counselor said, “He is a precious little boy with a smile that would melt the heart of anyone.”

Clint enjoys any action toys like tanks, airplanes and especially helicopters. He also likes to dress up like he’s in the army and then sneak around on super-secret military missions. Clint enjoyed opening up a toy helicopter from the Planes movie, some Army action figure toys, and some movies to watch with the family. The highlight for Clint was opening up as Kindle HD Fire.

Terry was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer 11 years ago. He has melanoma in his right lung. To help fight the cancer, Christie and Terry flew to California for treatments once a week every month. Sadly, the treatments were not successful. As a result, the cancer has since encased three of the chambers of his right lung. Due to Terry’s cancer, he also suffers from severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Because of this, he is on oxygen 24/7 and cannot go outside as it makes breathing even harder. To help keep Terry comfortable in all of his trials, he received a reclining chair and a pair of slippers to keep him warm.

Terry finds great joy in spending time with the two boys. Terry loved to take the two boys fishing when he was able. He was the one who taught them everything they needed to know about the sport. Now Zachary takes Clint fishing so we got them some new fishing tackle and equipment. Zachary is an avid Huskers fan like many Nebraskan’s, so he was excited to open a Husker golf set and some Husker clothing. He hopes to take Clint out sometime to hit some golf balls.

As you can imagine, Christie’s life is very busy with taking care of Clint, Zachary and Terry while working full time. Despite all of the obstacles that have been thrown at Christie, she takes life on with a smile and never complains. Magic Moments surprised her with a gift basket filled with a manicure/pedicure, facial, massage, and a gift from Bath and Body Works.

Christie’s parents, Arlene and Larry Toombs, have been a huge help in making sure Clint gets to and from school. They also aid in getting Terry to and from his doctor appointments when Christie is not able to take off work to go with him. To help with gas, they received a U-Stop gift card. A curve ball was also thrown in their path recently. Arlene was diagnosed with lung cancer, but she still tries to help out Christie and Terry in any way she can. They were also surprised with gift certificates to dine at Panera Bread and Olive Garden.

To help the family spend more time together, they were given a membership to the Lincoln Children’s Museum. The family was also surprised with gift certificates to Jersey Mike’s Subs, Hy-Vee, and U-Stop gas cards. In addition, the family was also happy to open a new laptop computer.

We wish this family a very happy Holiday Season and a healthy and happy New Year!


Jennifer Bratcher's Story

Jennifer Bratcher, owner of Bodhi Imports for the last 12 years, recently stepped down from her duties due to terminal colon cancer. While also being a busy business owner, Jennifer and her lifelong partner, James Rosekrans, are parents to two beautiful daughters, Cameryn 11 and Kaya 9. Jennifer has always been active in yoga and meditation, she eats a strict organic diet and has never drank or smoked. So it came as a huge surprise when in late June, Jennifer noticed a sharp pain that took her breath away to later learned it was cancer. She immediately met with an oncologist at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, where she began chemotherapy right away. By the end of September Jennifer had endured several unsuccessful chemo sessions and treatments. On November 9th, she was sent to a specialist in Houston, TX where she spent a week undergoing testing and treatments. After testing was complete, Jennifer was given her final diagnoses; two months to live. Jennifer hasn’t stopped fighting. She has continued to try other methods such as Naturopathy, a strict eating regimen, and Native American Healing Ceremonies. Jennifer continues to fight each day to be there for her girls and James.

While attending the University of Nebraska—Lincoln as a Business Major, Jennifer was presented with the opportunity to become owner of Bodhi Imports, which was a dream come true. Jennifer has always been the type of person to live life to the fullest and take chances. This chance allowed her to travel the world for her work and share these amazing experiences with her family. They have traveled to Peru, Bali, and Thailand, to name a few. Jennifer and James grew up in nearby Denton, NE, as lifelong best friends and partners. James has been the owner of Bodhi Organic Garden Supplies for the past two years. He enjoys barbequing, gardening, listening to blue grass, and being outdoors. For James, we have surprised him with fishing equipment and a gift card to Scheels for his outdoor adventures.

Cameryn is a witty, headstrong 11-year-old who enjoys being social with her friends and listening to music. To help with this, we provided her with a Beats portable speaker and an iTunes gift card. She is also an avid soccer player and a great goalie. Cameryn received a new soccer ball to practice and improve her skills. Kaya celebrated her 9th birthday on December 11th. She is a sweet and sensitive girly-girl that definitely has a silly side. To help Kaya express her creativity, she was surprised with an iPad mini. She also enjoys playing soccer, so she was given a soccer ball as well. The girls both share an interest in horses and horseback riding. We were able to provide them with riding lessons; and to make sure they fit the part, they both received cowgirl boots.

Union Bank’s Magic Moments program is honored to provide Jennifer and her family with a little holiday magic this year and help make Jennifer’s birthday on December 25th one the family will never forget. To allow Jennifer and the girls to spend some well-deserved quality time together, they received gift certificates for manicures and pedicures. Jennifer also received a couple of big fluffy blankets to help keep Jennifer warm and as comfortable as possible as she grows more and more ill each day. For the family, we were able to help finish their basement. This included drywall, paint and carpet. To have some family fun together, we presented them with movie passes, Adventure Golf tickets, Lincoln Children’s Zoo and Lincoln Children’s Museum memberships. Each year the family purchases comfortable clothes such as soft pajama pants, fuzzy socks, slippers. To make this year no different we provided them with the same items.

We send our best to this inspirational family and hope the time they share together this Christmas if full of loving memories.


The Hernandez Family's Story

The outcomes that many former foster children may face are far from limited to homelessness and imprisonment. Lack of stability and a permanent home are evident in the extraordinarily high incidence of substance abuse, homelessness and psychological problems among former foster children.

Marilyn is a single mother who was a foster child until she aged out of the system. At the age of 15, Marilyn became pregnant with her son Gabriel. Gabriel is a rambunctious seven year old who has Autism and was recently diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. Children and youth in foster care confront significant obstacles along their educational journey. They typically have higher rates of absenteeism, grade retention, disciplinary referrals, and behavior problems than the general population. However, these tribulations did not stop Marilyn from flourishing. With the help of positive role models in her life, Marilyn graduated from Lincoln High in 2009, attended Southeast Community College and is currently enrolled at the University of Nebraska—Lincoln. Marilyn is a junior and is studying to become a teacher. To help with her teaching practicums, Union Bank’s Magic Moments provided Marilyn with a new laptop and winter clothing.

Marilyn is an excellent mother who cares for her son. Gabriel has worked hard in school to change his behavior. Magic Moments was honored to provide him with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Secret Sewer Lair, Ninja Turtles RC Control Shell raiser, NorthFace winter coat and Lego building sets. Gabriel reads at a third grade level, so he was given several Magic Treehouse Books. Marilyn and Gabriel enjoy spending time together and now they will be able to create more memories with their 1 year membership to the Lincoln Children’s Zoo and the Lincoln Children’s Museum.

Marilyn also received gift cards from CVS to help with prescription expenses as well as U-Stop gift cards to help with fuel for the long car rides up to Omaha to see Gabriel’s Muscular Dystrophy doctor.

Marilyn is remarkably resilient person. She found the wherewithal to succeed in spite of the obstacles set in her path. Her accomplishments show that all young people, including foster youth and children with disabilities, can succeed academically given adequate support and advocacy from educators, professionals and their caregivers.


The Estrada Family's Story

Misha is a busy single mom caring for her four children. Giving her children the opportunity of an education is very important to Misha. The family moved into a small street-level apartment, which makes getting to the school bus easier for her two children with special needs.

With no support from extended family, Misha is only able to provide the basics for her children, yet she is not discouraged. She always has a ready smile and is a patient mother who tends to all of her kids’ needs with love and good humor. She is positive and looks at the brighter side of life. Misha also takes pride in being active at her church. Through all of the daily trials, she and her children attend Sunday worship and other church activities regularly.

Mikaelie, 14, is a student at Lincoln High and helps out with the family when her time allows. Dominic, 12, has special needs but is able to attend Iriving Middle School. Ben, 10, attends Prescott Elementary School; he is severely handicapped and functions at the level of a 1-year-old. Julia, 5, is at home with Misha, but she is anxious to start kindergarten in the fall of 2015. When Julia is in school full-time, Misha hopes to be able to enroll in classes at SCC — her years caring for Ben have made her interested in a health care career.

The Estrada family was selected to receive a Magic Moment to provide Misha and her kids with a little magic this holiday season. The family was surprised with a new kitchen table and chairs. Misha enjoys cooking and was given a set of cookware. Mikaelie and Julia now have a bunk bed, 2 twin mattresses and new comforter sets, so they will no longer have to sleep on the couch. The kids enjoy playing outside, so they were given a basketball, soccer ball and baseball equipment to keep them active. Tickets to a Lincoln Saltdogs game will also be a hit this spring. Mikaelie received several books and access to a flute to play at school. Dominic was given his dream Christmas gift: a DSi 2 along with a favorite Lego game. Ben enjoys listening to music and was given a musical guitar and keyboard. Julia loves to play with Barbies, and now has a 2-story Barbie Dream House along with several Barbies.


The Johnson Family's Story

Molly, an RN at Lincoln Internal Medicine and Bryan Health, found her husband, Mark (age 37) in their bedroom unresponsive and began CPR as Madison (age 10) and Matthew (age 7) stood watching helplessly. Help was called to the Johnson family’s home. When the ambulance arrived, they took Mark to the hospital and were unable to revive him. Mark passed away with Pulmonary Emboli, a blood clot that started in his leg and moved to his heart.

Mark was a loving man whose family meant the world to him. The children could always count on their dad for fun. They loved playing with Legos, wrestling in the living room, playing video games, going to the arcade, going fishing and swimming, or just stopping off at the gas station for some sweet treats.

Mark also thoroughly enjoyed NASCAR. In March 2014, Molly and Mark went to Las Vegas for Mark’s birthday and he was able to go to his first NASCAR race. As a child, Mark had a race car bed and numerous miniature race cars that have been passed down to Matthew to enjoy.

Since Mark’s passing in October, Madison and Matthew are unable to go into Molly’s bedroom because of that sad day. Molly has spent many restless nights sleeping with Madison or Matthew to help comfort them. Molly and the children created a Christmas Memory Tree this year for Mark. The tree has ornaments that represent things that he loved and that they loved about Mark. Some of the ornaments hung are pictures of the family, miniature race cars, recliner, computer, Superman figure, the Dukes of Hazzard car, and more.

Union Bank’s Magic Moments program is so honored to help the Johnson Family and bring a little holiday magic to their loving family this year.

Because of everything Molly has been through over the past 6 weeks, Magic Moments wanted to pamper Molly with a massage, cozy pajamas, Bath & Body Works gift set, and a manicure/pedicure to enjoy with her daughter Madison.

A Cra-Z Loom was given to Madison to create some fun and funky bracelets that should go perfectly with the new Justice clothes she will be sporting at school. Every little girl needs a journal to track her daily adventures, so Madison received a Monster High Password Journal, so that she can keep all her adventures safe. Madison also enjoys Legos, so she was given a Lego Friends set to enjoy.

Matthew is an avid Lego architect, so he was given four new Lego sets that will bring him hours of enjoyment. He will also be sporting a new Nike outfit from Scheels.

Lastly, the family was surprised with items to enjoy together: a weekend together at CoCo Key with food choices of CoCo Cove and Olive Garden, a gift card from U-Stop for gas expenses, a Kindle Fire, dart board and darts from Cornhusker Billards, movie theater passes and snacks, family membership to the Lincoln Children’s Zoo and Lincoln Children’s Museum, and marshmallow guns to play with one another.

We know there is nothing we can do to bring Mark back to his loving family but we can help them to have brighter moments this holiday season and allow them to enjoy time spent together.

Jennifer Backencamp and Family's Story

Jennifer Backencamp and her mother have always been very close. As a single child that lost her father at the age of four, Jennifer called and visited her mother as often as possible, especially when her mother became ill. The single mom of two children, Maddison and Nick, Jennifer managed to keep moving forward, even after losing her mother earlier this fall. Then, just a month later, Jennifer’s life was thrown another curve when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. For the next 18 months, Jennifer will undergo chemotherapy treatments, followed by surgery. Jennifer is an inspiration to those around her for her strength and perseverance.

As a full-time working mother, Jennifer spends most of her free time driving from event to event, with Maddison’s cheer and dance, and Nick’s sporting events. Unfortunately, chemotherapy treatments do not allow Jennifer to keep up her previous pace. Union Bank hopes to alleviate some of that stress for her with a Magic Moment. When she’s unable to cook, gift cards to Runza, Valentino’s, and Olive Garden will help keep this busy family going. To help with Jennifer’s recovery, Aiding Angels will provide Jennifer with 6 house cleaning sessions. She’ll also stay warm this winter with new pajamas, a heated blanket, and a CVS gift card to help with medical expenses.

Christmas has always been Jennifer’s favorite time of year, however the effects of chemo have made it too difficult for her to decorate her home. The holidays will now be brighter for the family with new lights and décor, a festive wreath, door hang, and outdoor accessories. Nick and Maddison were treated to an early Christmas, opening several items under the tree. Nick indulged in his favorite sports with a new baseball equipment bag, a pro bristle dart board, and New Year’s Eve tickets to watch the Husker Men’s Basketball team take on Indiana. He’ll also sharpen his XBOX 360 skills with the newest Call of Duty game. Maddison opened new clothes, a scarf, and East High inspired jewelry. As she looks forward to her senior prom, she’ll be pampered with a hairstyle, makeup application, and a mani-pedi. She also received hair and make-up products from Sway salon and a Marcus Theatres gift card. Maddison’s bright blue VW Beetle also received a new windshield, easing her mom’s worries for Maddison’s safety this winter. The family also were surprised with gifts to use together, including a Netflix gift basket, miniature golf passes, and treats and toys for their dog, Jack.


Abbey Schnell's Story

Abbey Schnell’s friends and family describe her as a young woman who is strong-willed, fun, and family-focused. Just two short weeks after giving birth to her second son, Remy, Abbey woke up from an emergency colonoscopy surgery to hear that she had Colorectal Cancer. After many rounds of chemo and radiation, Abbey went on to have surgery to correct the issue. In January 2014, Abbey was told she was at the yearly remission mark. Being a survivor and having a positive spirit, Abbey was asked to speak to a group of doctors and patients at St. Elizabeth Hospital about her victory, in the hopes of promoting awareness about Colorectal Cancer. Later in August, Abbey went in for her annual CT scan and was told the cancer was back and had spread to her lungs. This time, it was stage 4 and terminal. Doctors have estimated Abbey may have 3-5 years to live. Amid the obstacles thrown Abbey’s way, one would be blown away by her positivity and inner light that shines during one of the most challenging times in her life. Abbey continues to face struggles with chemo treatments but stays strong mentally as she tells her friends, “As long as my mind is right, my body will follow.” The main source of Abbey’s positivity comes from her amazing family and support system. Abbey and her husband are the parents of two wonderful young boys, Urijah 4, and Remy 2. Abbey realizes each day is a blessing and lives every day to the fullest even through her chemo treatments. Despite the hardships faced by the Schnell family, Abbey continues to strive to provide the best, most normal lives for her family, especially her two sons. Abbey continues to hope and pray for the best in the life she’s been provided with as well as have faith that M.D. Anderson, a cancer center in Houston, Texas can someday find a treatment for her. Abbey regularly looks for ways she can help others, whether it’s through telling her story, creating awareness around Colorectal Cancer, or just giving to others as much as she can especially during the holidays.

Union Bank’s Magic Moments program wanted to do something very special for this amazing family. They will be treated to a weekend getaway at CoCo Key, plus a night at Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City, where they can focus on spending time together and making memories. The family also received an iPad Mini and case that they all can use whether its internet surfing for Adam, pinning crafts for Abbey while curled up in her warm electric blanket, or learning games for the little ones. Once Abbey has pinned her favorite crafts to her online board, she can run over to Hobby Lobby to use the gift card she received to help her put her crafting skills to work! Since the family will now be busy running around town to use their free passes to do all sorts of fun activities that include: a year membership to the Lincoln Children’s Zoo and Children’s Museum, passes to Lost in Fun, tickets to the Lied Center performance of Jim Henson's Dinosaur Train Live!, and movies at Marcus Theatres. They won’t need to worry about house cleaning since they will be given 6 free cleaning sessions from Aiding Angels! Not only will Abbey be busy but she will look great while she is out enjoying time with her family. Abbey received a new scarf, jacket, boots, sweatshirts, and pants as well as a gift card to a nail salon to get pampered! Adam will look great right along with her in his new tennis shoes, pants, shirt, and jacket. For the boys, Urijah and Remy received Crayola sets, books, learning games and puzzles, a bowling set, sports balls, pajamas, sleds, remote control ATVs, and a Black and Decker Junior Power Tool Workshop.

Abbey also received gift cards from CVS to help with prescription expenses as well as U-Stop gift cards to help with fuel to and from treatments and appointments. The family will also enjoy some great meals from Brix & Stone, Jersey Mikes, and Valentino’s. We wish Abbey, Adam, Urijah, and Remy a Merry Christmas!


Sam Franklin’s Story

Selfless. This is Sam Franklin. A couple of years ago while living in Seattle, Sam’s beloved basset hound, Daisy, went missing. Sam never gave up looking for Daisy, and 4 months later, she was reunited with her! In April 2013, Sam decided to move back to Nebraska — little did she know that returning to Nebraska would allow her to continue her rescue efforts.

On December 19, 2013, Sam learned that two cherished German Shepherds, Sergeant and Natia, got out of their back yard. Both had been hit by two different vehicles and separated from each other. Sam immediately began searching to find these two dogs. On December 29, 2013, Natia was found on a porch in the area of 120th & Pine Lake Road, 10 miles south of where she got loose. She was returned home that night. After this wonderful news, the rescue group focused on finding Sergeant. On December 30, 2013, a Burlington Northern employee named Kenny had sighted a German Shepherd on Burlington Northern’s rail yard in Havelock. Without hesitation, Sam headed to the site to help the dogs’ owner, Stephanie Howell, search for the dog. When Sam and Stephanie found the dog in a culvert, they knew it was Sergeant, but they had to carefully approach him so as not to scare him. As soon as Sergeant came out of the culvert, he realized his owner had found him and he could not contain his excitement! Sergeant was missing for 11 days in the December cold. Sam’s great advice on how to find and approach skittish dogs helped make this rescue possible.

Overjoyed that Natia and Sergeant were returned to their home safely, Sam realized there was a need for rescuing animals in Lancaster County. Other than Animal Control, there weren’t many organizations in Lincoln with the resources to actively search for missing animals. Natia and Sergeant as well as her own Daisy the Basset Hound inspired Sam to start the non-profit organization, Lost Pets of Lancaster County, on January 1, 2014. Since its inception less than 1 year ago, Sam has helped reunite nearly 600 lost pets with their owners. Over the past few months, Sam also founded ShelterMe Nebraska, which provides safe housing for the animals of domestic violence victims because they are often not able to take their pets with them as they leave their violent homes. Sam works to find these pets foster homes until their owners are able to care for them again. Sam’s goal for this organization is to raise funds for a building where the animals can stay.

There are many more stories of Sam’s determination, compassion, and tireless work for animals. Sam helps owners remain hopeful and gives them sound advice for what to do when rescuing an animal that is very scared. Sam gives all of her time to help others and their animals, and she never asks for a dime. She does it because she knows what it’s like to lose an animal and wants to help others in these difficult situations. She works 12-16 hours a day helping others out of the kindness of her heart for nothing in return.

Sam was selected to receive a Magic Moment because she gives to so many and her nominators, Paula Sparks and Lori Koss, wanted to give her something special in return. Sam struggles every month to pay for basic necessities. We were excited to provide her with some items to help her with her rescue efforts. Sam received new tires, oil changes, car washes, a gas card, and a detailing for her car which she uses to search for and transport pets on a regular basis. Some additional items to aid her in her rescue efforts were a trunk organizer equipped with a headlamp, hand warmers, and batteries as well as a back seat cover for the dogs. Sam received a gift card for haircuts and a basket of hair products so she can treat herself when she’s not busy with her non-profit organizations. When not rescuing or finding foster homes for animals, Sam enjoys golfing so she was given a round of golf and a golf gift basket. To give Sam some extra energy to continue her work, she was presented with a Cuisinart Grind and Brew coffee maker with fresh coffee. Daisy has since passed, but we couldn’t leave out Sam’s most important family members, her two dogs, Bella and Minnie. They received a bag of Blue Buffalo dog food, treats, and toys to keep them busy as well as shampoo and conditioner to keep their coats soft and clean.

We wish Sam the best of luck this Holiday Season and into the New Year with both ShelterMe Nebraska and Lost Pets of Lancaster County. To find out more information about these great organizations please visit the Lost Pets of Lancaster County’s Facebook page.


The Borer-McKelvey
Family’s Story

Nicholas Borer and Alicia McKelvey are a hard-working couple in Lincoln. Nicholas is a graphic designer and Alicia is a make-up artist. When Nicholas and Alicia found out that they were expecting twins, they couldn’t have been happier. They were excited to start this new chapter in their lives. However, the doctors suspected a problem with one of the twin’s hearts that would need attention shortly after birth.

The twins arrived early on November 2nd. Both of the babies were placed in Neonatal Intensive Care Units at different hospitals with different medical conditions. Their son, Harlan, spent several weeks in the NICU at Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center. Harlan quickly improved and was recently discharged. However, their daughter Ingrid faced more serious medical issues. She was immediately taken to the NICU at Children’s Hospital in Omaha where the doctor’s confirmed her diagnosis. Ingrid was born with Pulmonary Atresia with Right Ventricle Dependency. This means that blood has a hard time getting into her lungs to be oxygenated. She underwent heart surgery on November 5th to correct this problem. A tube was inserted into her heart to help cycle blood to her lungs. After her surgery, due to the loss of blood, her heart stopped twice, but the nurses and doctors were able to give her some blood and get her blood pressure under control. As you can imagine this was incredibly scary for Nick and Alicia.

Ingrid may need to undergo several other heart surgeries before she is even 2 years old and may even need a heart transplant in the future, but she is too little for a transplant right now. She has to be 5lbs before a transplant can take place. Nicholas and Alicia visited both hospitals for several weeks, delivering breast milk to Omaha daily. This became a financial burden for them because they had to pay for gas and the couple hadn’t been able to work much since the twins were born. They still drive to Omaha several times a day to be with Ingrid. They aren’t able to hold her very often due to her condition, but she is improving a little each day. The family needs many prayers for Ingrid to make a full recovery so she can go home soon! Despite the many difficulties the Borer-McKelvey family has faced, they continue to be positive and do not complain about their situation. They are working hard to provide for the family and care for each child equally. Family and friends felt they deserved a Magic Moment this year to brighten the holiday season for them.

Because the family has been making several trips to Omaha each day to visit little Ingrid, they were given a U Stop gift card to help with gas; a gift card to CVS to help purchase medications and other supplies for the babies; and a gift card to Target to help purchase clothing, formula, and other baby items. The babies were given high chairs, bundle-me’s to keep them warm during the winter, a door jumper, a play mat, a Maya sling, diapers, pacifiers, and clothing. Being a new parent is hard and exhausting at times, so Nick and Alicia each were surprised with a gift basket to make the holidays brighter. To help pamper this new mom, Alicia’s gift basket included a massage from Massage For Health, manicure and pedicure, lotion and body wash, and a gift card to South Pointe to purchase some new clothing. Every graphic designer needs a good computer so Nick was presented with a Best Buy gift card to help him purchase the perfect one for his business. A date night for the couple was also planned complete with movie passes, popcorn, candy and soda.

We send best wishes to this family as these little babies continue to grow and get stronger and we hope they are able to go home soon. You can keep up with their progress on Facebook!


Special thanks for media support from:

KLKN-TV Lincoln               KFRX               KX-96.9

Companies who have shown support for the Magic Moments program:

  • Scheels
  • U-Stop
  • CVS
  • The Lincoln Children's Zoo
  • The Lincoln Children's Museum
  • Coco Key Water Resort
  • Runza
  • Aiding Angels (Maid to Please)
  • Nebraska Auto Glass
  • Sway Hair Spa
  • Utopia Salon & Spa
  • Valentinos
  • Cornhusker Billards
  • Sherwin Williams
  • BK Restoration
  • Beach Boarding
  • Carpetland
  • The Fort
  • Janel's Training Center
  • Slumberland
  • TO Haas
  • Hair Pros
  • Mojava
  • Petsmart
  • Massage for Health