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UBT Multicultural


At UBT investing in our community is a priority. With a vibrant and growing multicultural population in Lincoln and other UBT communities, we embrace the opportunity to connect with the multicultural community by providing education, financial resources and community support. We feel it is important to be involved in the diverse organizations and initiatives which ultimately strengthen our communities.

Multicultural Support

To best serve our multicultural customers in managing their finances, we offer customer service assistance in over 200 languages accessible from any UBT location. Additionally, UBT supports a culture of diversity internally, celebrating numerous bilingual and bicultural employees in our workforce.

We offer hands-on education on money management and banking basics to help customers better understand banking in the United States. UBT's Catalyst team works directly with entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them launch new businesses or take their business to the next level.

Our Multicultural Connections

UBT is proud to demonstrate our commitment to the multicultural community by supporting local organizations with a cultural emphasis, including:

  • El Centro de las Américas
  • Center for People in Need
  • Malone Community Center
  • The Bay
  • Clinic with a Heart
  • Willard Community Center
  • Boys & Girls Club of Lincoln/Lancaster County
  • Lincoln Medical Education Partnership
  • Food Bank of Lincoln
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • TeamMates
  • Tiny Hands International
  • Community Learning Centers
  • Yezidis International
  • Matt Talbot Kitchen
  • Salvation Army
  • Community Crops
  • Lincoln Literacy
  • Lincoln Housing Authority
  • City Impact
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • UNL’s OASIS Program
  • Multicultural Coalition of Grand Island

Connect with UBT Multicultural

To contact UBT Multicultural about an education or community involvement opportunity, email