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Let’s put your home’s equity to work for you

Life happens with a HELOC — and right now, you can lock in a low promotional rate of 3.99% APRꭝ for 60 months (after that, variable rate of 5.00% APRꭝ–8.00% APRꭝ). Apply today and get ready to fund whatever fuels your dreams.

Special Low Rates

Life happens with a HELOC

With a home equity line of credit (HELOC) from UBT, you can leverage your home’s equity to finance the things that make life memorable, from weddings and vacations to home improvement projects and beyond. And with a promotional rate of 3.99% APRꭝ for 60 months (after that, variable rate of 5.00% APRꭝ–8.00% APRꭝ), the time to apply has never been better.

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Use your home’s equity to accomplish your goals

Home improvements

Build even more equity by using the funds for home improvement projects.

Education expenses

You can use your home’s equity to help pay for your — or your loved one’s — college expenses.


Use your home’s equity to finance big vacation plans without straining your budget.

Purchase a car

The equity in your home can be used for large purchases like a car. 


Home equity can be used as a cash infusion to fund that dream wedding.

Emergency funds

With a home equity loan or line of credit, you can be ready for whatever life throws at you.

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ꭝOffer subject to credit approval. Requires automatic payment from UBT checking or savings account. Minimum loan amount of $10,000 in new money. Promotional APR of 3.99% (daily periodic .010932%) effective for a 60-month period from the date account opened. Upon expiration of the 60-month period, rate will be variable equal to Wall Street Journal published Prime Rate (“index”) then in effect plus a margin. The index as of 05/05/2022 is 4.00%. Current margins range from .50% to 4.00% resulting in corresponding variable APRs up to 8.00% based on the current index. The variable rate may change monthly and is subject to minimum APR of 5.00% and a maximum APR of 16.00%. Fees to open the plan rate from $220 to $815 and there is a $49 annual fee. You must also carry insurance of the property that secures this plan. Consult your tax advisor on deductibility of your interest. For applications received by 05/31/2022. Not valid on loans in process. Member FDIC.

Subject to credit approval and may change at any time. Home equity loans and lines of credit may qualify for some tax deductions. Consult a tax advisor regarding deductibility of interest.